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Cradles, changing tables and kids beds for the bedroom of your child

Cradles, changing tables and kids beds

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Cradles, Cribs and changing tables for Babies

As soon as we find ourselves waiting for a Son, the first thing that comes to mind is to better prepare how to welcome him, perhaps with a beautiful and comfortable bedroom, starting above all from the cradle or bed with bars. It must be safe, made with guaranteed and non-toxic materials, but also practical. It is precisely according to the style of the child's bed that the room furniture is usually chosen. Another essential element for the care of a newborn is the changing table, which must be practical, at the right height to allow the mother to change it comfortably. In this section we therefore want to offer all the accessories and accessories necessary for the first years of the child.

Beds with bars that can be turned into a single bed and bedside table

The flaw of cribs and baby beds is that they are used only for a few months or years because then the baby grows ... and their bed will have to grow too! This is why we at kasa-store have sought a practical and functional solution that solves this problem; thanks to the transformable beds the cradle will be transformed if necessary into a single bed that will host the child or girl up to the age of about 12 years. In fact, the most obvious solution for not having to change the bed of a new-born baby after a few years is to search for quality products that grow with the baby. In this way there is no risk of distorting the furnishings built around them, and it is also an economic solution and our pockets will enjoy it! Our transformable beds have a very robust structure, durable over time, and can perform different functions depending on the needs in every phase of the child's growth. When necessary, the sides and the structure can be removed with drawers, creating a bed measuring 80 x 180 cm and a bedside table.

Quality materials and design for a quiet and hospitable room

The materials with which these accessories are made are guaranteed as solid and do not contain harmful paints or materials. The baby needs to have a safe and solid environment around him. The models we offer have many and different finishes, suitable for both boys and girls, and you will find practical and nice features even for mothers, for example the chest of drawers positioned under the transformable beds, to offer all the space necessary to contain the objects of before needs that will be needed by the newborn. In our section furniture and children's bedrooms and desks you will also find cabinets, dressers and other accessories suitable for completing your child's bedroom. And also lamps and toy boxes.

Kasa-Store the store always serious and reliable

We think that children are the most precious thing in the world, and for this reason we at kasa-store always carefully choose the products dedicated to them. Our staff has searched and selected the products that best suit their needs, but also those of parents who are looking for accessories that are functional as well as quality. We are always available for any clarification or advice our customers need.