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Vintage and Industrial Bar Furniture

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Industrial-vintage bar furniture: how to enhance the living area with unique items

Many people choose to enrich their living room with a bar corner. Such a solution is perfect for spending pleasant moments with friends, and for giving the environment the classic saloon atmosphere. How to create an area of this type? Obviously you will need a coffee table and a set of chairs, or alternatively soft leather armchairs for maximum comfort. In addition, a bar cabinet is essential, to be used both as a counter and to store bottles of wine, spirits and so on. The industrial-vintage accessories are of great value. They represent a meeting point between two styles, and will help you set up a space with a marked country imprint. Your living area will reveal a strong taste for the antique, accentuated by raw wood surfaces and retro details: once you cross the threshold, you will have the impression of being in one of the traditional places of the Old West!

Guide to choosing the best bar furniture

In recent years, vintage has become a real trend. The past is making a comeback, and it does so in an absolutely original way: in fact, the interior design products that fall into this category are often embellished with different mold details, so as to define a unique and inimitable result. The bar counters that combine vintage, romantic and reassuring coatings, and industrial finishes, which give linearity and decision to the overall picture, are no exception. Exclusive elements, with delicate shapes and rough, rustic shelves, often peeling off for a more natural effect. These are the main characteristics of a quality industrial-vintage bar cabinet: the materials, apparently ruined by wear, are actually worked with extreme care. The "bare" wood is splendid to the eye and pleasant to the touch, rough under the fingertips, capable of giving every room the evocative mood of huts and rural houses. These aesthetic peculiarities are joined by others, connected to the solidity and robustness of the complement. The best industrial-vintage items are long-lived and withstand the passage of time: almost a paradox for surfaces that are specially aged! The most suitable woods for the furniture are selected, which strike the eye with their shades and veins. These panels combine excellently with iron details, which with their dark hues artfully stand out against the background.

Bar counters for every need

In the field of industrial-vintage bar furniture you will find a wide range of products for your living room. The Agora Mobili showcase offers you numerous options: all you have to do is find the counter that best suits your preferences. For example, Recyclè is a piece of furniture with bricks in evidence, which is typical of industrial furniture. Place it next to a beautiful brick fireplace to get an intimate, familiar and soothing space! The warm colors of the wood are good for the eyes and the heart, and create a dramatic contrast with the black of the metal. Newport, on the other hand, is more vintage oriented and has a more “soft” and delicate design. One whole side is decorated with an inscription, which further enhances the luminous flames of the light wood. In addition to being elegant, this structure is also functional thanks to the comfortable shelves that will accommodate your bottles. These two counters develop more in width than in height; if you prefer the opposite, consider the Limited Edition bar cabinet complete with square compartments for wines and spirits. Such a complement can be easily placed on a wall, and allows you to rationally exploit rooms with high ceilings. The possibilities are many. After all, the industrial-vintage style is a real guarantee!