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List of products by brand Furia Srl

Bags and poufs for indoors and outdoors. Furia Srl is a dynamic Italian company and leader in the sector for the production of bags and poofs for both indoors and outdoors. Born in 1976, over time it has developed a wide versatility for all market requests, satisfying any request, even customizable. The materials used for the realization of the products are many and range from fabrics suitable for exterior and interior, decorations and padding and are all certified for sale all over the world. It boasts a very large market network in Italy with around 300 points of sale and the quality of the product is truly excellent as that of the padding with micro polystyrene balls that will serve to make your body comfortable in moments of relaxation. really all-round ready to create any one you want that has the shape of a cushion, armchair or even a chaise longue

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Materiale piano
Misure piano

Lots of objects and accessories made to color your home or swimming pool

Cylindrical footrest with all the emoticons of the famous whatsapp app to personalize your spaces with a touch of sympathy and color

Very attentive to quality, the furia company uses only Italian products that have certainly contributed to its success and we can confirm that all our customers have been satisfied with both the strength of the product and the padding itself which will be important for relaxing in living room or by the pool. Furnishing with bags and poufs is really comfortable and practical because you can unsheathe them and wash them and have them always in order. Many models recall the film by Fantozzi at the conversation with his boss and therefore spurt of sympathy and harmony. Buy them for your whole home even the small ones for your children where they can play without worrying as the materials are absolutely non-toxic and safe for their health