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The works of the great designers and architects of the Bauhaus movement come to life again. Design furniture with a timeless charm. Projects faithfully reproduced by the expert hands of Italian artisans, made with passion and precision, as well as with high quality materials. Kasa –store presents Bauhaus re-editions signed Jacobsen, Mackintosh, Saarinen, Gray, Rietveld, Bertoia, FrankHoffmann, Mies Van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Stam, Stark, Herbst, Wagenfeld, Le Corbusier and many others. Design furniture and furnishing accessories that are unique in style and shapes.

Always current, always perfect, always quality: Bauhaus design furniture

The great masters of interior design of the twentieth century have left their mark. Their creations are still appreciated and desired all over the world today. The Bauhaus re-editions are perfect for any type of indoor environment. Clean, slim, modern and functional shapes. An unmistakable and immediately recognizable touch. Having a table, chairs, a piece of furniture, an armchair or a piece of furniture from the Bauhaus re-editions is synonymous with style and maximum quality. For lovers of good taste and design, this is without a doubt a real must have.

Discovering the Buahaus movement and its design furniture

Germany, early 20th century. The scenario where the School of Architecture, Art and Design Staatliches Bauhaus was born, grew up and established itself. Inaugurated in 1919, it welcomed artists and creatives until 1933. It was the advent of Nazism that interrupted the activities of what could have become the Academy of Design par excellence at European level. Its name probably derives from the medieval German term Bauhütte, literally masons' lodge. A name suggested by the German architect, designer, urban planner and academic Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus Academy was much more than a school. It was the reference point for all the main innovation movements in the field of design and architecture of the modern movement. Rationalism and functionalism were the two main cornerstones of the activities. The Bauhaus re-editions are testimony to how technology and culture are so close to each other.

Bauhaus re-editions: design and quality for all tastes

We at kasa-store have always been involved in furniture. We are driven by passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. Every day we strive to offer only high quality designer furniture and furnishing accessories. Our products are characterized by the guarantee of the highest quality materials used for their realization. All, rigorously and proudly Made in Italy. And here, for lovers of elegant and sober tables, for a dining room or a meeting room, there is the Tulip table by Saarinen. For those who want to relax and rest comfortably, they can opt for the Le Corbusier Chaise Longue. Do not forget the steel chairs by Bertoia, always perfect and always trendy. Or the Mies van der Rohe armchairs, with a contemporary aesthetic and high-quality materials of the highest quality.

Beauty and harmony of the house

The two guarantees testify that the whole kasa-store team is ready to listen to every single need and to propose the best solution for every type of indoor environment. From the most modern to the most classic, up to the contemporary one. Not only quality, but also competitiveness. Our prices are competitive and completely transparent, just to guarantee each of you maximum satisfaction.