kasa-store. Accurate classic furniture re-editions from Bauhaus

Bauhaus Re-editions

Bauhaus re-edition

Kasa-store want to offer you some of the most faithful reproductions of the piece of furniture designed by the great Bauhaus architects and designer of the early years of ‘900 such as_ Jacobsen, Mackintosh, Saarinen, Gray, Rietveld, Bertoia, Frank, Hoffmann, Van der Rohe, Breuer, Stam, Stark, Herbs, Wagenfeld. The reproductions, based on the original designs, have been realized by Italian artisans that use high-quality materials.

What is the Bauhaus movement?

Bauhaus, whose complete name was Staatliches Bauhaus, was a German school of architecture, art and design that was active during the early years of ‘900. The Bauhaus term was invented by Walter Gropius and recalled the middle aged term  Bauhütte which indicated the construction workers lodge.

Bauhaus was the successor of the pre-war avant-garde, it was a school that deeply influenced the innovative design and architectural movement connected to rationalism and functionalism that were part of the modern movement. Its teachers who came from different  countries were important element within the European culture and their teaching has even now influenced the artistic and technical culture. The school gave up on its activity under pressure of the Nazi regime. Bauhaus has been very important in the field of the ‘900 debate between art and culture.

Marcel Breuer,Mackintosh,Mies Van Der Rohe,Le Corbusier,Stark,Saarinen,Wright,Jacobsen,Stam,Bertoia,Hoffmann,Eeilen Gray,Aaarnio,Kjaerholm,Florence Knoll,Joe Colombo,Fukasawa,Brauer,Volther