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The Bauhaus armchairs of the ‘30s represent this philosophy. The rigorous lines are always perfect to assure comfort end ergonomics. These armchair are now considered as classic piece of furniture of the Bauhaus style and this aspect add a touch of elegance to these element, their comfort is assured and they are appreciated by everyone. These are Italian reproductions. We are proud of offering the best selection of the Bauhaus style present in the web. Our reproductions include designs realized by of Marcel Breuer, Mackintosh, Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Stark, Saarinen, Wright, Jacobsen, Stam, Bertoia, Hoffmann, Eeilen Gray, Aaarnio, Kjaerholm, Florence Knoll, Joe Colombo, Volther and so on....  These reproductions have been selected in order to offer you the best of the furniture world and a real comfort to add a touch of class to your spaces.