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Bauhaus sofas and armchairs: the re-editions

Rigorous lines, modern shapes and timeless structures. Design sofas and armchairs dating back to the thirties, but still current today and appreciated by interior design experts. They are the Bauhaus sofas and armchairs. Definable as vintage, but comfortable and functional. The re-editions of the Bauhaus armchairs, as well as those of the sofas, offer a touch of elegance and prestige to your home or office. Designed by the best architects of the early twentieth century, they are current and innovative, both in materials and shapes. On kasa-store you will find the best re-editions of the Bauhaus armchairs. Designed and engineered by the likes of Marcel Breuer, Mackintosh, Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Stark, Saarinen, Wright, Jacobsen, Stam, Bertoia, Hoffmann, Eeileen Gray, Aarnio, Kjaerholm, Florence Knoll, Joe Colombo, Volther.

Ergonomics and style, shapes and rigor

The Bauhaus school is renowned for one particular feature: the fusion of art and technique. Two worlds as distant as they are close. Creativity and rigor. And this is also the case for all the works of the artists adhering to this early twentieth century movement. Bauhaus sofas and armchairs perfectly reflect these ideals. The same ones that you can find in the Bauhaus re-editions of armchairs and sofas on kasa-store. Class, refinement and elegance are the key elements of all these furnishings.

Quality, people and materials in all Bauhaus re-editions

The Bauhaus sofas and armchairs featured on the kasa-store website are faithful re-editions. Treated in the smallest details by professionals in the sector. We have chosen local artisans who have years and years of experience, rigorously Made in Italy. All the raw materials used in the production of Bauhaus sofas and armchairs are of the highest quality. They reflect all the highest quality standards to ensure the best for all who choose them.

Bauhaus sofas and armchairs: re-editions not to be missed

Among the best known and most renowned Bauhaus armchairs, we want to remember and present Barcelona. Project signed by Mies Van Der Rohe and made by the best Italian craftsmen. The structure is in polished steel. The cushions are covered in high density rubber and covered in genuine Italian leather and with leather straps. If you think of a refined and elegant living room, your mind certainly flies to Chester. The icon par excellence of the Bauhaus movement. With sinuous but simple and harmonious shapes. An example of an unsigned masterpiece. In fact, the name of the designer is not known and is indicated as anonymous. There are two versions of Bauhaus Chester sofas and armchairs. On the one hand, the more minimal design that extends upwards. On the other hand, the more shapely and harmonious design of the lines. Precious solid cherry wood and classic style characterize Barrel, the design armchair by Frank Lloyd Wright. A Bauhaus re-edition with attention to every single detail. Made with materials of undisputed quality, from wood to the real leather of the seat. Three designers collaborated in the design of Butterfly. Jorge Ferrari, Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchian are the artists who fathers of this splendid Bauhaus armchair. Simply perfect in any type of indoor environment.

Competence and professionalism at your service

Relying on kasa-store means choosing a serious and reliable supplier. Who works in kasa-store is a professional in the sector, always available to answer all your questions and to advise you on the best solution to adopt.

The Bauhaus armchairs of the ‘30s represent this philosophy. The rigorous lines are always perfect to assure comfort end ergonomics. These armchair are now considered as classic piece of furniture of the Bauhaus style and this aspect add a touch of elegance to these element, their comfort is assured and they are appreciated by everyone. These are Italian reproductions. We are proud of offering the best selection of the Bauhaus style present in the web. Our reproductions include designs realized by of Marcel Breuer, Mackintosh, Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Stark, Saarinen, Wright, Jacobsen, Stam, Bertoia, Hoffmann, Eeilen Gray, Aaarnio, Kjaerholm, Florence Knoll, Joe Colombo, Volther and so on....  These reproductions have been selected in order to offer you the best of the furniture world and a real comfort to add a touch of class to your spaces.