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A meeting, a family lunch or dinner, a coffee and a chat with friends. There is nothing more convivial and familiar than sitting together around a table. Better if it is a beautiful table, with attention to the smallest details, made with high quality materials and excellent workmanship. The re-editions of the Bauhaus tables are all this. A whole range of tables with clean and always modern lines. Now true icons of interior design. Whether it is a meeting room or a dining room, the Bauhaus design tables will be the real protagonists of the interior environment.

Design tables: the Bauhaus re-editions

On our kasa-store website you will find a wide selection of design tables, made by the best Made in Italy artisans. Not only aesthetics, but also functionality and practicality, are the basis of the reissues of Bauhaus tables. For an elegant and timeless room, Eero Saarinen's modern and harmonious lines are the best choice. You can choose between the round Tulip table, classic or extendable, or the oval Tulip version, fixed or extendable. To your personal aesthetic taste, you will also have the possibility to choose the materials of the top, from laminate to the finest Carrara marble. If, on the other hand, you are a lover of glass tops and want to make the environment seem larger, Platner's re-editions of Bauhaus tables are the perfect solution for you. In two sizes, small and large, this table is a guarantee of continuous modernity. Lovers of important and imposing geometric shapes, but at the same time passionate about design tables, the Parabel, small or large, is one of the Bauhaus re-editions most in line with your needs. Aren't marble, steel and aluminum your favorite materials? Are you looking for a wooden table? Taliesien is just perfect for you. In solid cherry wood, it is available in two main editions. The first thinner needle, the second with a more important base.

The great architects of the Bauhaus table re-editions

The kasa-store team is made up of professionals in the sector, with years and years of experience. Always ready to advise you and offer you products in line with the highest quality standards. We have carefully chosen the most current models, those of the best architects. You will read names such as Mackintosh, Mies Van der Rohe, Saarinen, Wright, Eileen Gray, Platner, Aarnio. A selection of one-of-a-kind design tables faithfully reproduced with superior quality raw materials.

Iconic and timeless design tables

Beauty and harmony accompany us every day in our work. And this is why our products, including Bauhaus table reissues, are appreciated all over the world. Our design tables will allow you to furnish your home or office with style and elegance. With a design that never tires and is still current. A point of reference for those who want to have classy and certified quality furnishings. Durable over time and never out of fashion.

We can stay at a table for different reasons: a meeting, a family lunch. Kasa-store thinks about you during these moments and gives you the opportunity to buy a table to spend your time with your family or your colleagues in the best and comfortable way. The tables that we suggest you are well-refined and are characterized by a captivating look, perfect to furnish your spaces adding style and functionality, perfect to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, they are realized with marble, wood, glass or veneer. We have selected the tables designed by the best Bauhaus architect, these tables have been re-edited by paying attention to the original design, the Bauhaus designers are: Mackintosh, Mies Van Der Rohe,  Saarinen, Wright, Eeilen Gray, Aarnio, Platner and so on...