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Round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, oval. The forms are many and varied. Perfect in the living area, especially in waiting rooms, studies and living rooms. A classic piece of furniture, always present in homes, which offers a touch of charm and elegance. Bauhaus coffee tables are true icons of style and design. The re-editions on kasa-store are creations of internationally renowned artists, recognized all over the world for their innovative vision. Here you will find the projects of designers of the caliber of Breuer, Saarinen, Eilen Gray, Aarnio, Platner, Fukasawa.

Undisputed protagonist of the living room: here is the Bauhaus coffee table

A chat between friends, relatives and acquaintances. A coffee, a tea, an amaro or a cigar. All this happens in the living room, where the coffee table is one of the main furnishing accessories. Special occasions or simple family moments to relax and feel good. The Bauhaus coffee tables are the right combination between the necessary functionality and the style of the house. The re-editions proposed on kasa-store represent the perfect solution for any home or office furnished with style and taste.

The re-editions of the Bauhaus coffee tables: an unmistakable style

D esigned by artists of the early twentieth century, they are still extremely current and trendy today. Scenic and with a timeless charm, the result of the hands of John Brauer. The re-edition of the Essey Tall Illusion coffee table is one of a kind. Entirely in polycarbonate, you will find it in two sizes and three different colors: red, black and transparent. Simple and elegant, with harmonious and minimal lines. Tulip by Eero Saarinen is a timeless must have. It lends itself well to being placed in different environments, from the most familiar to the more formal ones. The top can be in marble or laminate and in different colors and materials. Next to a sofa or an armchair, the re-editions of the Bauhaus coffee tables are the touch of style that makes the difference. One above all, the Eileen Gror an armchair, the re-editions of the Bauhaus coffee tables are the touch of style that makes the difference. One above all, the Eileen Gray coffee table. Made with a chromed steel tubular and with a glass top. Inimitable and unique in design, so modern and current that it does not seem to belong to the past. We are talking about the Bauhaus Aarnio coffee table, designed by Eero Aarnio. Made entirely of white lacquered fiberglass, it can be placed in classy, ​​modern or contemporary environments.

Quality: the main feature of Bauhaus re-editions

The attention to every single detail in the production of Bauhaus coffee tables guarantees the care of all the finishes. Even the smallest and at first glance invisible. The products on kasa-store are made by professionals in the sector, artisans who are passionate about their work. These are strictly Made in Italy design furnishing accessories. The materials of which the Bauhaus coffee tables are made are of high quality and worked with classic techniques, even manual in some cases. Relying on kasa-store means desiring a home or an office in which beauty, harmony and comfort are the protagonists.

It Can be round, square, rectangular or hexagonal-shaped, it can be a designful or a luxury table, anyway, the coffee table is a piece of furniture that makes your room a comfortable space, you can put on it your drink while you are talking to your friend or it can hold your ashtray... So the coffee table is an important piece of furniture. Thanks to this catalogue you can choose the best table for you so that you can relax yourself sitting on your sofa with all you need at your fingertips. The coffee tables selected for you are part of the classic collection whose original products have been realized by Breuer, Saarinen, Eeilen Gray, Aarnio, Platner , Fukasawa,Brauer, and features the best re-edition of the design masteripeces.