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A seat must be comfortable, but also aesthetically beautiful. Many times, the choice of chairs takes a back seat, thus risking to ruin the perfect picture of the room design. Opting for one of the re-editions of Bauhaus chairs means choosing design and quality accessories. Designed by the greatest architects of the early twentieth century, the Bauhaus design chairs are perfect in any context. Family or professional. Class and style accompany every single creation of the Bauhaus movement.

Not only aesthetics, but also comfort: here are the Bauhaus design chairs

Kasa-store offers a wide selection of chairs designed by internationally renowned architects, recognized for their futurist and revolutionary vision. You can choose from the numerous re-editions of Bahaus chairs, signed by professionals of the caliber of Marcel Breuer, Mackintosh, Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Stark, Saarinen, Wright, Jacobsen, Stam, Bertoia, Wegner, Pauchard, Aarnio. Simply perfect to be placed around a table in the dining room or meeting room, or to accompany a desk or writing desk. From classic to modern style, but still classy and timeless. Produced by the hands of the best Made in Italy artisans, seasoned with passion and professionalism. An unmistakable design that will also give comfort and convenience.

To each their own Bauhaus design chair

The chairs of the Bauhaus re-editions are synonymous with undisputed style, recognized all over the world. Harmonious and fluid lines characterize Tulip. Designed in first person by Eero Saarinen. The proposed models are in two main variants: with or without arm rests. These models are suitable both for a purely professional environment and for the family rooms of your home. Structure in steel and woven cane, minimal but refined design. These are the characteristics of Cesca, the chair born from the hands of the great Marcel Breuer. Also for this design icon, you can choose between the version with or without armrests.

Simply unique and singular. Geometrically harmonious and physically resistant. This is Panton, the design chair in high-strength polypropylene. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Majestic and sober at the same time. Superb and elegant. Designed by the great Charles Rennie Mackintosh Sthul. A truly unmissable piece for those looking for a beautiful and comfortable chair, but above all functional.

Quality and charm for the re-editions of Bauhaus chairs

Comfort in the first place. This is the philosophy behind the re-editions of Bauhaus chairs. They must not be considered merely objects of furniture, but seen from another point of view. The quality of the materials and the skill of the craftsmen guarantee the comfort of the seats. Elegance and beauty reflect the soul of these design chairs. Made exclusively in Italy thanks to the hands full of experience of the best artisans of our territory.

Kasa-store is all this: harmony, aesthetics and practicality

A real point of reference for all lovers of art and interior design. Our team of experienced professionals in the sector is always available to respond as quickly as possible.

Take a look at our catalgue to examine the chairs that we have selected for you. You will find high quality and competitively-priced products of the Bauhaus movement, products that only Kasa-store can give you. The chair, are usually considered secondary piece of furniture but they are important elements of your house because they are comfort and design objects. For this reason on our website you will find high level reproductions of the models designed by the best architects and designers to give you the opportunity to furnish with names such as: Marcell Breuer, Mackintosh, Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Stark, Saarinen, Wright, Jacobsen, Stam, Bertoia,Wegner, Pauchard, Aarnio and so on, we have selected these re-editions to give you the best piece of furniture in terms of comfort and style to add a touch of class to your spaces.  These masterpieces are present in the history of design and we suggest you to pay attention on these wonderful seats thinking about the professionalism that could furnish your house.