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  • Yakut single bed or one and a half square with capitonné headboard


    Yakut bed available in a square or a square and a half, laminated wood structure and quilted headboard in washable pink microfiber. Decorations on the headboard and footboard. Possibility to buy separately the mattress (100 x 200 cm for a square and 120 x 200 cm for a square and a half), the mosquito net and the fall arrester. Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials suitable for contact with children, ISO 9001 and E1 certified.
    Item size:

    - a square cm 209 x 118 h. 117

    - a square and a half cm 208 x 135 x 117

  • Bed for girls with Frozen decorations


    Very nice bed sled for girls with decorations from the cartoon Frozen. Bed made entirely of decorated mdf. For girls aged 18 months to 7 years with measures 85 cm high x 158 cm wide x 73 deep. Cot with anti-fall. It supports up to 100 kg to be able to lie down with the baby. Drawer on the front of the bed. Mattress size (excluded) 140x70 cm

  • Bed in MDF for girls JEEP PINK model


    JEEP-shaped MDF bed for all girls including bed base and mattress cm L 207 P 116 h 76 mattress 190 x 90 h 10 available in PINK color. Max sustainable weight 100 kg led light in the headlights

  • Hello Kitty raised bed with slide and without in 100% solid wood. INCLUDING BASE WITH SLATS AND...


    Hello Kitty bed with slide and without in 100% solid wood. Including slatted base and mattress. Dimensions in cm: 197 x 97 x height 113 cm (mattress 90 x 190 cm). Mezzanine height from the ground to under the bed base cm 74. Maximum width with slide structure cm 220

  • Single beds in MDF for girls DINOSAUR model


    Dinosaur-shaped MDF bed for all children including bed base and mattress dimensions cm L 205 P 97 h 120 mattress 200 x 90 h 10 available in green colors. Max sustainable weight 100 kg

  • Canopy bed in wood for girls of excellent shape and resistance


    Canopy bed in MDF wood with curtains included for little girls' bedrooms. Very resistant and with attention to the smallest details. Dimensions in cm: P 142.50 x L 76.50 x H 124.0. Network included, mattress excluded with the possibility of adding it from the purchase options. Mattress cm: 140 x 70 H 10


  • Princess 90X190 car bed in ABS available in Pink color


    This Princess car bed has an ABS structure with harmonious lines and design, to make this object absolutely incomparable. Exterior in ABS supported by interior in shaped wood to avoid damage and give strength to the car bed.

    Glossy pink color.

    The world's first princess model car bed model.

    Sturdy mattress base made of solid wood

    The hand-upholstered headboard is decorated with silver buttons and the car really looks like a carriage revisited in a modern way, with gritty wheels and "real" details, like the crown printed on the front.

    The 90x190 mattress is not included.

    Dimensions in cm: 120x220xH 95

  • Yakut Bed with Container, with Pink Microfiber Quilted Headboard


    Single bed with Yakut container, structure in white laminated wood, quilted headboard covered in pink washable microfiber. Non-carcinogenic, non-toxic materials, ISO 9001 and E1 certified. Possibility of adding the mattress 100 x 200 cm, the fall arrester and the mosquito net at a surcharge. Product dimensions: cm 210 x 118 h. 117

  • Disney Princess cot with built-in lockable fabric drawers


    Fantastic bed of the cartoon Princesses of the fantastic Disney world. A princely rest on the comfortable bed with slatted base. Suitable for girls up to 5 years old. Measurements cm L 145 P 77 H 59. Cot with anti-fall, the very comfortable pockets / lower drawers in fabric with dustproof closure. supports up to 100 Kg. mattress measures 140 x 70 H 10 cm

  • Anastasia single or double bed White with Pink Headboard


    Anastasia cot with wooden structure 18 mm thick, padded headboard covered in artificial leather. White finish with pink decorations and upholstery. Available in a square (mattress 100 x 200 cm not included) or a square and a half (mattress 120 x 200 cm not included). Bed base included. Available sizes:

    - a square: L. 206 P. 124 H. 101
    - a square and a half: L. 206 P. 141 H. 90

    If you need other items from this collection, write to us and we will be happy to send you a personalized offer!

    Watch the video of the entire collection!

  • Dora raised bed with or without slide in solid wood. INCLUDING MATTRESS AND SLATS


    Dora bed with and without slide in wood with many nice details such as curtains and gallery Item dimensions 197 x 97 x height 113 cm (mattress 90 x 190 cm) mezzanine height 74 cm from the ground to under the mattress. Total width with slide: 220 cm

  • Single bed for children in MDF model LION


    MDF wood bed in the shape of a lion for all children including bed base and mattress cm L 205 P 97 h 118 mattress cm 200 x 90 h 10 available in yellow. Max sustainable weight 100 kg

  • Tree house bunk bed


    Bunk bed with 2 floors in MDF wood. Aged wood color painted with non-toxic paints. The upper deck supports up to 120 kg and the missing piece of roof favors the entry of new air. The plan has the function of the network so it is not necessary to purchase it. The 2 mattresses (190x90h10) are included in the price - Measurements L. 205 cm x P. 95 H 241

  • Cot with Frozen. MDF structure with wooden panel net


    Frozen cot made of MDF wood and central metal support structure. Network in wood panels included and the possibility of adding a mattress. Dimensions in cm: 42.5 H x 77 L x143 P. Mattress cm 140 x 70 H 10

  • Montes single bed with canopy, available in two sizes


    Sunbed with natural colored wooden structure, canopy with removable fabric with velcro closure. Headboard covered in fabric with geometric figures, also removable with automatic buttons and washable. Ergonomic in terms of height for easy access for children. At the foot of the bed is a green chalkboard that can be used to write the child's name or make drawings. Rounded edges. Non-toxic E1 certified materials that follow European regulations. Network included, mattress not included but available for a surcharge.

    Available sizes:

    - SMALL: cm L 185 P 94 H. 158 (usable mattress size 180 x 80 cm)
    - LARGE: cm L 205 P. 104 H. 164 (usable mattress size cm 200 x 90)

    It is possible to buy the fall arrester as an accessory; both faces have the green chalkboard surface where the child can draw. Dimension: cm L 50 P 3 H 30

  • Cot in the shape of a carriage of the princesses for girls. Dimensions 171 X 76cm structure in...


    Cot for girls size 171 X 76cm h 157 cm structure in MDF and curtains in Polyester. Available on option with foam padded mattress. Wide slatted base included. The space for the mattress is 140x70 H 10

  • Bed with House-Shaped Headboard, L frame c


    Casa cot, with structure in natural wood and green with windows with military curtains. Shelves included. Heat resistant and easy to clean surface. Mattress not included (200 x 100 cm). Dimensions of the article in cm: L. 210 P. 122 H. 150

    If you need other items from this collection, write to us and we will be happy to send you a personalized offer!

  • Peppa Pig Children's Bed with built-in house and many gadgets


    Peppa Pig cot with built-in house and many gadgets. Product dimensions in cm: H 120 L 77 P 142. Structure in mdf very well finished with decorated designs and removable fabric house to play separately.

  • Single bed for children model TEDDY BEAR


    Bed in the shape of a very sweet teddy bear for all boys and girls including bed base and mattress cm L 205 P 100 h 100 mattress 200 x 90 h 10 available in yellow. Max sustainable weight 100 kg

  • Green or red train bed for boys and girls


    Children's bed in MDF wood in the shape of a train locomotive. Available in green and red, yellow and blue colors. Network and mattress are INCLUDED in the price. Bed size: L 205cm x Depth 120cm x 130 Maximum height. Mattress cm 190 x 90 h 10. It supports up to 100 kg to accompany the child in sleep. LED lights in the headlights

  • 20 Eco beds for boys and girls decorated with cartoon drawings


    The beds are made of MDF and covered with a laminated adhesive sticker. The sticker has been printed with eco inks of China and is also coated with laminate, which protects it considerably and is washable with water and detergent. Available in 3 sizes. cm mattress : small 140x70 cm medium: 160x80 cm and large: 180x90 cm. 20 different colors. Equipped with bed base and mattress and linen drawer on the bottom

  • Disney Princess Carriage Cot with illuminated canopy


    Disney princess carriage-shaped bed in MDF wood and fabric canopy with LED lights to accompany the baby's sleep. Battery powered lights. External bed measurements in Cm H 136 x P 87 x L 160. Accommodation measures from the mattress 140x70 cm. Mattress excluded with the possibility of adding it from the purchase options. Slatted base included

  • Frezya single or double bed made of melamine wood with fabric covering


    Frezya single or double bed with structure in melamine wood and upholstered in capitonnè effect fabric both in the footboard and in the headboard. Very nice and well cared for, does not include the mattress


    1 SQUARE (mattress 100 x 200 cm not included):

    109 cm
    210 cm
    116 cm

    1 SQUARE AND A HALF (120 x 200 cm mattress not included)

    129 cm
    210 cm
    116 cm

  • Pretty Bed Available in a square or a square and a half, with quilted headboard


    Pretty sunbed with wooden structure 18 mm thick, laminated with rounded edges in Multiplex plastic. Headboard with inserts for supporting puppets and decorative curtains in removable fabric. Pink floral decorations. Color: cream and dove gray. Feet worked. Available in a square (100 x 200 cm) or a square and a half (120 x 200 cm). Mattress not included, bed base included. Item dimensions in cm:

    - a square: L. 201 P. 114 H. 117
    - a square and a half: L. 201 P. 134 H. 117

    If you need other items from this collection, write to us and we will be happy to send you a personalized offer!


The bed for your princess: a dream that comes true

Little girls love to dream, with both eyes closed and open. A child who trusts in fantasy can do practically anything: dance in illuminated halls to the rhythm of fairy tale melodies, be the queen of the woods and ice, climb high mountains, sing and talk to animals.

Imagination is the real protagonist during childhood. A precious ally of happiness, thanks to which the little ones can become the protagonists of their personal fairy tale and live unforgettable adventures without leaving their own room. This is why we at kasa-store have selected the best baby beds, a wonderful gift for the princess of your heart!

Safety first of all

A fundamental requirement, always respected by our articles, is safety. A child's bed must be sturdy and durable: only the best materials on the market are used, non-toxic and ecological, which will promote the health of your daughter's back even over the years.

Whether they are bunk or canopy, in single bed or queen size the beds offered on kasa-store are synonymous with well-being. Not only physical wellbeing, thanks to the resistant structure and the ergonomic mattress, but also psychological, since the child will feel like a queen and will entrust herself to the arms of Morpheus with a heart full of joy.

Colorful, very sweet, comfortable, with attention to the smallest details. So are the beds for girls that we offer, which will welcome your little ones in a warm and soft hug.. Impossible not to have wonderful dreams in such a comfortable, soft, magical bed.

Disney-inspired beds for little dreamers

A riot of tenderness, beauty and functionality. A baby bed of this type cannot be described in any other way, which allows you to customize themed bedrooms with fairytale finishes and bright shades.

Choosing will be really difficult, because the models are so many and all fantastic. Your daughter will be breathless in front of one of these Disney princess beds, designed to combine recreation and education according to the Montessori method. You certainly know what the little girl's favorite protagonist is: is it Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa from Frozen? Whatever the answer, you will find the bed dedicated to the princess you want!

Fairytale products for romantic girls, designed to stimulate creativity, curiosity and imagination. The beds of kasa-store are built mainly in wood with metal details, a guarantee of solidity and longevity. Just what you need to give the rooms a pinch of charm and a magical touch in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Animal-shaped beds: ideal for girls who love nature

Princess bedrooms don't have to include a Disney-inspired bed - how about an animal-shaped design, perhaps a sweet kitten, a smiling bunny or a brave lion? Fun solutions, perfect for a little girl who loves the sounds, sceneries and scents of nature.

These beds encourage interest in the outside world, they are completely safe and in accordance with the law. Like bringing home the mystery of the savannah, the charm of the forest, the tranquility of a country farm

A huge assortment of beds for girls

Does your daughter love the enterprising and likeable Peppa Pig? Here is a cot dedicated to the famous pig, complete with a removable protective house! Or maybe you have a little girl who is passionate about dinosaurs? Don't worry, kasa-store even provides a hilarious themed bed in a nice bright green.

Princess beds able to satisfy all needs, a symbol of style and elegance. The sources of inspiration, from cartoons to nature, are carefully selected to make your little girls dream at night and during the day. The bedroom is a very important space during childhood, a refuge that holds secrets, hopes, adventures: we will help you furnish your little girl's room with taste and imagination.

You can furnish your little girl’s bedroom with nice and useful piece of furniture that comes from Disney world, princess carriages, cats, rabbits will stay by her side during her rest and will add a touch of style to her room. Now, your little girls can play pretending to be a real princess! Apart from the princess beds we have also Clover the rabbit and other characters. Your son can sleep on a canopy bed. A present that will be appreciated by little girls. The cartoons world arrive in your room to make your son happy, that can play with her friends pretending to be a real Disney princess.