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Children's bedroom furniture: furniture and desks for children and teenagers

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  • Babycotton 2-Door Wardrobe, in White Melamine, Ideal for both Boys and Girls


    Babycotton wardrobe with two doors, structure made of melamine coated wood 18 mm thick. Including clothes rail with LED. Softclose slow closing doors. Edges in high quality Multiplex. Impact resistant, heat resistant and water repellent surfaces, easy to clean. Size in cm: L. 90 P. 55 H. 179

    The 3-door version of the same collection is also available on our site.

  • Chest of drawers with three drawers Perla made of melamine wood with UV prints and amortized...


    Perla three-drawer chest of drawers made of melamine wood with front UV prints and equipped with a soft closing mechanism on all drawers that can be combined with the entire Perla series


    Width: 77 cm

    Depth: 47 cm

    Height: 80 cm

  • Library of the Home Collection, with two internal compartments and more shelves


    House bookcase, in wood, with two closed compartments and six shelves. Rope handles. Water-repellent, heat-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces. Dimensions of the article in cm: L. 70 P. 47 H. 170

    If you need other items from this collection, write to us and we will be happy to send you a personalized offer!

  • 3-Door Montes Wardrobe with Drawer and Adjustable Handles according to the Child's Height


    Montes 3-door wardrobe made according to the Montessori ideology. Structure in compressed chipboard and covered with melamine in two colors. The door in green can be used for drawing with chalks. E1 certified materials, follow European regulations. Rounded edges. Doors with delayed closing (slow motion). The metal surfaces are coated with an electrostatic paint guaranteed against corrosion. You will find a drawer divided into 3 compartments, easy to open even for a child. Inside two hangers (at two different heights) and several shelves. It has shelves at the bottom marked with the image of a shirt, pants and shorts, so that the child can find his clothes and put them away on his own. The shelves and hangers are adjustable in height. The cabinet handles were made in different colors and textures. The handles can be fixed at 4 different heights (96 mm from each other) so that they can be adjusted according to the height of your child. Internal ventilation outlet.
    Product dimensions: cm 140 x 56 h. 199

  • Baddy lamp or ornament for children's bedrooms or gnome-shaped outdoor made by Plust


    Baddy is a nice ornament available in two sizes and more finishes but if you choose it with the white finish it is equipped with a LED kit to illuminate either your child's bedroom or your garden table. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors


    SMALL: 13.5 X 14 XH 20.5

    LARGE: 32 X 34 XH 55

    FINISHES: fuchsia, acid green, white, black, rosemary

  • Turbo Desk with Two Drawers, Inspired by Formula One, Available in Red


    Turbo modular desk, with black and white checkered decorations reminiscent of the race flag. Wooden structure, two drawers under the shelf and small shelves on the bookcase part. Gray and red color.
    Water repellent surfaces, resistant to heat and shocks.
    Product dimensions in cm: desk L. 104 P. 68 H. 152

    Create a themed room for your child, you will find on our site other accessories such as car beds, bookcases, toy racks, lamps and wardrobes inspired by the world of motors.

  • Pirata Bedside Table in Wood, with 2 Drawers and Faux Leather Handles


    Pirata nightstand in wood, with two drawers (one large and one small) and handles in imitation leather. Padlock not working. Dimensions of the article in cm: L. 42 P. 44 H. 42

    Pirate-inspired beds, desks, bookcases, dressers, lamps, rugs, sheets and duvet covers available on our site.

    Watch the video of the entire collection!

  • Yakut Sliding Wardrobe in Wood covered in Laminate, White color


    Yakut wardrobe with sliding doors, wooden structure and covered in white laminate and pink interior. Two internal drawers, shelves included and two clothes hangers with LED lighting. The materials used for the cabinet are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, ISO 9001 and E1 certified.
    Dimensions in cm: 163 x 59 h. 215

  • Garage desk with racing car frame in MDF and ABS


    Desk in MDF and ABS in the shape of an authentic racing car to study or play like a real driver! The quality of this item is also reflected in the use of non-toxic and safe paints for the coating. This desk has a smooth surface and great stability, and a practical storage pocket.

    Combine it with one of the car beds from our wide range!

    Dimensions in cm: 110x100x70

  • Cabinet cabinet for bedrooms Grand Prix with 3 doors


    Wardrobe cabinet for children's bedrooms in laminated wood with printed designs available with 3 doors with mirror in white / gray or red / gray

    Dimensions: Cm L 125 x H 200 x P. 56

    COMPLETE ROOM - DESK + Chest of drawers + 3 DOORS WARDROBE € 1069.00 ( for order contact us )

  • Anastasia desk with drawer with handles and Pink decorations


    Desk made of 18 mm thick laminated wood with glossy finish. Available in white finish with pink edges. With drawer and 2 compartments. Heat and impact resistant surface. Dimensions of the article in cm: L. 105 P. 64 H. 166

    If you need other items from this collection, write to us and we will be happy to send you a personalized offer!

    Watch the video of the entire collection!

  • City desk with two drawers suitable for bedrooms or small studios made of wood


    City desk with two drawers made of melamine wood with amortized closing mechanism. Suitable for bedrooms, children's bedrooms and small home studios


    Width: 120 cm

    Depth: 60 cm

    Height: 76 cm

    Watch the video of the entire collection!

  • Round Turbo Cushion Covered in Leatherette


    Round Turbo Racer cushion padded and covered in imitation leather in the red and black part, and light blue velvet strip. Easy to clean. Product dimensions in cm: diam. 82 H. 20

  • 3 Doors wardrobe inspired by Pirates


    Wardrobe with 3 Pirates doors, in melamine wood, with pirate flag and Led lights in the wardrobe. External decorations that refer to the world of the Pirates. Shelves included. Dimensions of the article in cm: L.126 P. 61 A. 206

    Watch the video of the entire collection!

    If you need other items from this collection, ask us for a personalized quote!

  • Frezya cabinet made of melamine wood with amortized closures and metal handles


    Frezya chest of drawers with melamine wood structure equipped with amortized closing mechanism and finished with elegant metal handles that can be combined with the entire Frezya collection


    Width cm 86 | Depth cm 48 | Height 82 cm

  • Pretty Bedside Table with Two Drawers, White Color with Decorations


    Pretty bedside table made of 18 mm thick melamine wood and lacquered mdf with multiplex plastic edge, gray and dove gray decorations with two drawers. worked base. Surfaces resistant to shocks, heat, water repellent and easy to clean. Wooden handles made of imitation rope. Assembly instructions illustrated. Product dimensions in cm: L. 52.4 P. 46 H. 47.4

    If you need other items from this collection, write to us and we will be happy to send you a personalized offer!

  • Alfa bedroom desk made of melamine wood with three drawers


    Desk made of melamine wood with three drawers and an open compartment. Suitable for bedrooms or small studios.

    DIMENSIONS AND FEATURES: Width: 140 Depth: 60 Height: 75

    Thanks to the braking system used on the drawers, it closes silently and gently and is safe and useful against bumps and jams.

    Enriched with a round handle on the drawer and elegant linear wooden handles

    Includes wall mounting fixture.

  • Turbo Garage Wardrobe, Red Structure and with 3 Doors that Reminiscent of a Real Garage


    Turbo Garage wardrobe with wooden structure 18 mm thick covered with melamine. Red color on the sides, one folding door and one folding door with a print of a real closed gate with graffiti. Tire imprints on the yellow base. Tire-shaped handles. Two internal drawers with soft close closure, a clothes rail with LED lamps, 6 small and one large compartments. Water-repellent, heat-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces. Contains illustrated assembly instructions.
    Product dimensions in cm: L. 120 P. 58 H. 203

    Create the themed room for your child by choosing other furniture and accessories inspired by the world of motors on our site, such as beds, bookcases, toy boxes, bedside tables, lamps, carpets and desks.

    Watch the video of the entire collection!

  • Shelf with Babycotton Coat Hanger, in White Color


    Babycotton shelf with 3 coat hooks, 18 cm thick wood covered in white melamine, with decorations on the hangers. Easy to clean, water repellent, impact and heat resistant surface. Combinable with the Babycotton chest of drawers, available for purchase on our website. Dimensions of the article in cm: L. 86 P. 18 H. 15

  • Perla bedside table with two drawers made of melamine wood with UV prints and soft closing drawers


    Perla bedside table with two drawers with melamine wood structure and drawers printed in UV and with soft closing. Suitable for children's bedrooms and combinable with the entire Perla series


    Width: CM 47

    Depth: CM 47

    Height: CM 50

    Watch the video of the entire collection!

  • Home Bedside Table with One Drawer, in Wood


    Bedside table with wooden structure, rope handles, with two drawers and a storage compartment. Heat resistant, easy to clean and water repellent surfaces. Dimensions of the article in cm: L. 50 P. 46 H. 47

    If you need other items from this collection, write to us and we will be happy to send you a personalized offer!

  • Montes chest of drawers with changing table, wooden structure and 4 large drawers


    Chest of drawers made with pressed chipboard structure and melamine coated suitable for both boys and girls. Rounded and colored protections on the corners to increase safety. Four spacious drawers with internal compartments. Colored handles and different textures. The width of the cabinet makes it suitable for both early childhood and when the child has grown up. Possibility to add the changing table that when not needed can be hung on the wall as a shelf, object holder and drawings. The padding is removable and washable. E1 and TSE certified materials.

    Chest of drawers: cm L 106 P 52 H. 81
    Changing table size: cm L 95 P 78 H. 13

  • Biggie lamp or ornament in polyethylene by Plust suitable for children's bedrooms or outdoor lamp


    Biggie is the nice great tit that can serve you as a decorative ornament or only in the white version or also as a portable led lighted lamp and in both cases they are also suitable for outdoor use

    DIMENSIONS IN CM: width 20 X depth 33 XH 19

    FINISHES: light blue, green, yellow and white

  • Anastasia Bedside Table with a Drawer, White with Pink Decorations


    Anastasia nightstand in glossy varnished wood with one drawer, glossy white color, handles and pink decorations.

    Dimensions: cm L.45 P. 42 A. 45

    If you need other items from this collection, write to us and we will be happy to send you a personalized offer!

    Watch the video of the entire collection!

Furniture and desks for children and teenagers: a comfortable and functional bedroom

Furniture for children's bedrooms and desks for children

The bedroom, for a child, represents his safe space. This is where children take refuge to fantasize, play and, why not, to do their first homework after school: the themed rooms are therefore essential for the development of imagination and creativity.
We fromkasa-storewe put at your disposal a rich catalog of furniture and desks for children, all colorful, robust, ecological and functional products. Articles in line with the needs of parents and children, designed for the physical and psychological well-being of children.
You will be spoiled for choice! We offer accessories for boys and girls, of excellent workmanship and bright colors. Long-lived materials and hypoallergenic paints are used, respecting nature and the child's health.
Fly on the wings of fantasy and then return with your feet on the ground to explore the surrounding world. Often it is the details that make the difference, and with the furnishings ofkasa-storeyou can set up nice and comfortable bedrooms.

How to get a premium custom desk

Children's desks are very important for several reasons. They are used to keep books and notebooks in order, but also to entertain the little one with their funny shapes. We offer a complete and transversal range, which combines elegance, comfort and practicality.
Unbelievable but true: your child will be looking forward to sitting at his desk to study and learn. What's more beautiful than a Montessori model complete with storage, perfect for budding scientists and inventors? And what about theAnastasia deskin white wood for girls, with a very sweet and romantic design?
Solid and resistant desks for children, Disney, pirate, animal-shaped and so on and so forth. How to personalize an environment with high-class products, essential for leisure and education.

From the dresser of the Cars to those for real princesses

The selection of bedroom furniture bykasa-storeit is broad to say the least. You can, for example, give your child a splendid dresser dedicated to the world of cars: you prefer a decoration inspired byFormula 1, or to Pixar's Cars? The little one, in any case, cannot fail to be enthusiastic about it.
Not to mention the bedside tables to hold princesses, adorned with delicate shades and details such as mirrors and artistic knobs. The ideal gift for very young dreamers, who want to live their own personal fairy tale and daydream.

Children's wardrobes for all tastes

Is your child a football lover? Upkasa-storeyou will find many custom cabinets with the colors of the teams, which will not fail to make the recipient cry of joy. Let us know which shade combination you want, and we will meet you with a quick and professional service.
The wardrobes provided on the site are very numerous. Models for future fashion stars, for sweetsprincesses, for car enthusiasts, for quiet children who love nature and animals. There is something for all needs, always in full compliance with the highest standards in terms of quality and safety.
Remember that the furniture on the shop can be customized with stickers and decorations, and designed to combine the playful aspect with the pedagogical one. How to make children grow up serene and happy, between play and training.

A touch of style and originality for your child's room

If you are looking for a more original complement for your child's enjoyment, here are desks for bedrooms with a unique design. For example, we have one, with an attached closet, in the shape of a petrol station or an English telephone booth. Without forgetting the model with the shape of a shark and LED illuminated teeth!
Children must dream, let themselves be carried away by imagination, explore the environment, know everything around them. The products ofkasa-storethey are designed to achieve all these objectives, and to enhance the themed rooms with exclusive furnishings. We guarantee you the utmost seriousness and a vast and varied catalog.