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Double beds: when the password is rest

Structure, material, color, container, classic style, modern or contemporary. There are many possible combinations for choosing a double bed. What characterizes and unites the double beds sold on our kasa-store site is the pride of Made in Italy. A guarantee not only of quality, but also of style and design. The materials used in the realization of the double beds that we offer are non-toxic and certified. The main structure is solid wood, solid and durable. What changes are the coatings. All made with rich and precious materials. From imitation leather to refined fabrics.

Sleep well and stylishly on modern double beds

If on the one hand we often look for aesthetics and design, on the other, especially when it comes to rest, we must also pay special attention to the quality and durability of the product. The double beds on the kasa-store are produced entirely by Italian master craftsmen. Every detail is cared for and sought after. And particular attention is also dedicated to style. A couple decision to guarantee comfort, good rest, but also beauty and aesthetic taste. Choosing one of the many double beds on the market means opting for something precious and intimate, to share with your loved one. We offer double beds with different features. From the most classic to the most modern, with different colors and materials, but always of quality.
Design, aesthetics and comfort, without forgetting practicality and functionality. In fact, most of the models we offer have different options. From the type of covering fabric to the presence or absence of the underlying container compartment.

Style and practicality in a single double bed

For those looking for aesthetic beauty, modernity and functionality, the Natalie double bed is simply perfect. A unique model of its kind, with simple and modern lines. Headboard elegant and padded, embellished with a series of LED lights. The latter, in addition to giving a unique effect to the double bed, are extremely comfortable and practical during the dark hours thanks to the controls on the supplied remote control. You can choose between two colors, both elegant and timeless: white and black. This model of double bed boasts a comfortable and capacious container below, where to place decorative pillows, sheets, duvets and blankets. Also included in the price the slatted frame. An aspect often neglected, but which plays a not indifferent role.

Simplicity and elegance to harmonize or contrast

More and more often it happens to play with different styles. And here is a simple and elegant double bed, as well as being perfect for a classic bedroom, becomes the undisputed protagonist of a minimal or even industrial environment. Among the many double beds, Azzurra is the one that best represents this category. Covered in imitation leather, it has removable and washable cushions. This model is available in two different color finishes, as well as being ordered with or without a container. A double bed that lends itself well to being positioned in more and different environments according to its aesthetic taste, while remaining a simple, practical and functional model.