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Material Structure

Material Structure

Kasa-store - Single beds for rooms or bedrooms

Single Bed

  • Sommier Single Bed Azelia with Wooden Frame...


    Single Bed Azelia slats included available with or without Storage Base. Very comfortable and well-finished. Article's dimensions in cm: W 90 D 204 mattress: 80x190 bed frame strip height: 27 cm Inner storage base height: 21 cm. Resin foot height: 8 cm

  • Single Bed Adele with or without Storage Base...


    Single Bed with Storage Base or without slats included and mattress not included. Padded headboard and bed frame and covered in Eco-Leather in colours white or mud. Article's dimensions in cm: bed W 90 D.204 Headboard height: 101 cm.                                  Bed frame strip height: 27 cm. Internal storage base height: 21 cm.

  • Single Bed Adina in Wood Covered in Eco-Leather...


    Single Bed Adina with headboard with a big cushion. Wooden frame covered with eco-leather, slats included, versions available with or without Storage Base in colours white or mud. Article's dimensions in cm: bed W 90 D 204, headboard height: 101 cm bed frame strip height: 27 cm. Internal storage base height: 21 cm, black resin foot height 8 cm

  • Single Bed Annalisa with Wooden Frame Covered...


    Single Bed Annalisa with wooden frame and covered in eco-leather white or mud, padded and quilted headboard. Available in the versione with Storage Base or without. Slats included in the price. Article's dimensions in cm: bed W 90 D.204                                 bed frame strip height: 27 cm. Internal storage base height (if present): 21 cm. Resin foot height 8 cm

  • Single Bed Appia with Wooden Frame and Quilted...


    Single Bed Appia wooden frame and covering in eco-leather in two different colours. Slats included in the price and mattress not included. Available with Storage Base or without. Article's dimensions in cm: W 90 D.204, bed frame strip height: 27 cm, storage bse height 21 cm, resin foot height 8 cm

Single beds: a practical and design solution

Often associated with children and adolescents, single beds on the market are most often simple, mundane and never sought after. Our expert professionals have researched practical, qualitative and valid solutions with a unique and trendy design. On our kasa-store website you will find a wide range of single beds, both modern and classic. Practical and functional models, all strictly Made in Italy. In fact, to guarantee the best products, we rely exclusively on professional artisans in the sector.

The main features of the single beds

The structure of each single bed sold on our online store is made of solid wood. It is then covered with practical and functional fabrics, absolutely non-toxic and safe for health and well-being. The slatted frame is always included in the final price. At this point it is enough to think only about the sheets and the mattress. You can choose between the bed with the container, to optimize the space and keep everything in order. Or opt for a classic bed, without a container, which gives lightness to the bedroom.

Modern single beds for bedrooms and accommodation facilities

The single bed is a valid solution for both private homes where children, teenagers and adolescents live, and for accommodation facilities. Hotels, hotels, B & B, farmhouses that want to offer their customers a modern and prestigious environment. A plus that certainly will not go unnoticed and will pleasantly affect customers.

The simplicity and practicality of Azelia

Azelia is one of the many single beds offered on our site. It has a very simple, practical and functional structure. Perfect for minimal, yet stylish decor. Very comfortable and comfortable, it is taken care of in every detail. The structure is in wood, with a covering available in two different color shades: bench and mud. Its being Made in Italy ensures quality not only of the materials, but also of the finishes. A simple product, design and durable over time.

Elegance and functionality: the perfect combination of Appia

An elegant single bed, with classic and timeless lines. Appia presents a luxurious headboard that makes it the undisputed protagonist of the bedroom. Its elegant nature does not prevent it from being practical and functional, thanks to the possibility of having it with the container. A perfect solution for those with little space or for those who, despite the space, need more.

Courtesy, seriousness and reliability accompany quality and value

The entire kasa-store team is made up of professionals in the sector. Experts in their field and with years and years of experience behind them. On our site you will find exclusively refined and high quality products, rigorously Made in Italy, to guarantee the best performance and durability. For any questions or concerns, our staff is at your disposal. We are ready to respond courteously to all requests, ensuring reliability and reliability.