List of products by brand Antartidee

Furnishings and objects for the home. Antartidee was born in Reggio Emilia in 1986. Immediately the idea of creating objects such as Attaccapanni, Porta Arti, Watches, Bookends, Keychains and many other products. The Gift Ideas and other objects of daily use are thus made by his workshop where, with passion, thanks to master craftsmen, they are made of fiberglass and subsequently hand-painted, creating truly design objects. To date, very well established is a very developed market reality

Coat hangers, Key rings, Watches and many other items to discover and collect

They are truly works of art because they are made and decorated by hand. Italian artisans attentive to quality and design

Many products are truly realistic thanks to their shape and appearance. If you need to enrich your space with small details like Attaccapanni, Tavolini, Wall Clocks or other you can indulge yourself to browse our catalog to find what you've been looking for. Antartidee's products are truly unobtainable and very original and are useful and will give another aspect to your spaces. So considering that every product is a unique piece do not doubt to buy it to make your office or living room very well kept and well furnished