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Classic re-edition Chaise-longue and Lounge Chair

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Bauhaus chaise longue: timeless re-editions

Elegant and with an unmistakable style. The chaise longue, also called greppina or cislonga, is a very particular elongated armchair. It has a single raised support for the head, is very similar to the sofa and is perfect for studies and living rooms. Having a Bauhaus chaise long means choosing to relax in style. It is a bit like having a place, a nest, all for yourself. A private space to devote to rest, reading, meditation or listening to music. The Bauhaus re-editions are a classic example of how even the chaise longues have always been ergonomic, comfortable and design.

The refinement and elegance of the Bauhaus chaise longue

It is not about the impersonal chair, the classic armchair or the shared sofa. But we are literally talking about elongated chairs, designed to welcome owners by offering comfort and relaxation. The Bauhaus chaise longue re-editions have sophisticated lines and an unmistakable and timeless style and design. If well positioned and flanked by design furnishing accessories, the Bauhaus chaise longues will give your interior a touch of absolute elegance and refinement. Designed in the early twentieth century, the Bauhaus chaise longues are signed by the most prestigious and renowned artists of the time. Names of the caliber of Le Corbusier, Jacobsen, Aaarnio, Kjaerholm, Joe Colombo, are a concrete example.

The Bauhaus chaise longue re-editions: where it all began

The very first chaise longue dates back to 1929. A project entirely signed by Le Corbusier, the famous architect of the time. He was inspired by the day beds: sofas where the aristocratic ladies of the nineteenth century used to lean on to talk and rest. Thus, Le Corbusier wanted to create a piece of furniture with fluid and innovative lines for a short rest. He came to call the chaise longue a "rest machine". Le Corbusier's chaise longue is still today one of the most popular on all markets, national and foreign. The structure is composed of a chromed metal tube, as well as the black metal base, painted with tilting powder. Famous all over the world, appreciated by everyone, is the eclectic Egg Ball Chair chaise longue. Designed by designer Eerio Aarnio, it is made of fiberglass with a wool interior. This Bauhaus re-edition chaise longue is perfect for decorating living rooms, libraries, waiting rooms and offices with style and creativity. Convenient and comfortable, it ensures relaxation and rest.

Choose and don't regret

By relying on kasa-store to buy Bauhaus re-editions, you will not be disappointed. You will find a team of professionals in the sector, passionate about their work and with proven knowledge and skills. The quality of our products is undisputed and appreciated by those who have already been our customers. Each piece of furniture, including the Bauhaus chaise longue, is studied in detail, made with quality materials and rigorously Made in Italy. On our website you will find all the technical features to choose the best option to adapt to the style of your home or office.

The chais longue is an extended armchair that looks like a canapé armchair but features an unique raised support for the head to offer comfort and elegance to your space. A relaxing island: the chaise longue, “a room for one’s own” a private space where you can read a book or listen to good music. A unique piece, the chaiselongue is a masterpiece. The armchair has always been a personal piece of furniture, different from a sofa that you share with other persons, we can think about the “old grandfather’s armchair, it has an ergonomic seat that thanks to the flexible frame made of metal can be adjusted to better fit your body. The extended shape gives you the opportunity to be seated or to lie down and will be the best piece of furniture to furnish your relax corner, it can be placed in a room with hi-fi, bookcases or TV. Great designers such as Le Corbusier, Jacobsen, Aarnio, Kjaerholm, Joe Colombo have designed your favourite armchair: relax on the chaise longue.