List of products by brand Dilazzaro

Chairs, Tables and Consoles. The all-Italian company that makes of Complementi d'Arredo was born as a craftsman and over time establishing itself in the market becomes a real icon for lovers of the sector. Always attentive to the fashions and the demands of the moment, it produces news continuously at very moderate prices with a very high quality. His design is forged by experience and valid collaborators as interior designers and architects.

Sturdy chairs and extendable tables are its strength and success

Very aware of the quality are distinguished thanks to the Italian know-how with a unique and unparalleled design

The materials used for the construction are very noble such as Steel for the table guides and the Solid Wood for the structures and the floors. Many new finishes like the Vintage one that recalls Chabby environments but there are many modern products with a more contemporary design in our catalog. The sector requires more and more effort in designing and manufacturing but it is certainly not a company that poses this problem because it is always at the forefront both as products and as quality of materials and paints used as non-toxic and environmentally friendly, always having a compatibility between price and excellent quality that fits any type of public and portfolio. Do not doubt because Italian craftsmanship is recognized all over the world