List of products by brand Cribel

Chairs, Relax Armchairs, Sofas, Complements, Stools and Poufs. A dynamic and young company able to satisfy any taste and wallet. Careful researchers and importers of armchairs, stools, coffee tables, beds and much more to furnish your space with taste and design. Large spaces for warehouse stock of about 10000 mt to always guarantee the customer the prompt delivery of goods.

An Italian reality well known for its seriousness and spirit of collaboration

The mission of Cribel Industrie is to include as many customers as possible to grow their market

Boasting of excellent products of import are also able to provide items that have as good Italian design. The materials that are used for the realization of their products are completely non-toxic and have a truly time-tested robustness. For example, both the leatherette used for office chairs or the solid wood and the glass for the table tops to not consider the robustness of the hydraulic stools of the stools. If you buy one of your products you will not regret the quality but I have not bought it until now. So browse our catalog and buy a Cribel product right away