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List of products by brand Omet

Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps, Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lamps. Omet is an Italian company producing lamps of any kind and its production is based on items such as floor lamps, wall lamps, suspensions etc. Every day he manages to create many new products made of iron, copper, steel or even jute thanks to skilled Italian craftsmen. His specialization is also to create Public Lighting and accessories such as Benches, Vases etc. A company truly capable of satisfying both the private individual and the state or municipal sector

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Materiale piano
Misure piano

360 ° manufacturers able to also develop items on request with quality and non-precious materials

Very good at knowing how to build products such as the dragon-shaped one which, in addition to bringing us back to a medieval era, makes us understand the Italian skill and know-how

Attentive to the smallest detail, they take care of the product in quality and form as a serious and well-structured company. Their products range from the bench to the vase to the jute suspension that you will find in our catalog. You will truly see the ability to draw and then recreate shapes as was done a long time ago and it is precisely for this reason that this company is adored by our public. The iron structures are all galvanized and you can install your chandeliers even at the sea without risking taking the rust