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Fixed and extendable tables

Buying a table is never easy. Understanding how many people it can be for, if it matches the rest of the furniture, if we can store the extensions or if it is heavy to move ... here in this category you can get information and tips on how to choose the right table for your living room or for the kitchen. It is hard to read all the posts, but rest assured that when you finish you will have very clear ideas and you will go directly to the article that best suits your needs

List of articles

  • Fixed and extendable tables
    Fixed and extendable tables

    Modern extendable tables When choosing modern extendable tables, one of the first aspects to take into consideration is their opening mechanism. The options available from this point of view are many: the simplest mechanisms require one top to slide over the other, while in other cases a book opening is used; a third alternative is represented by the crank opening, thanks to which the table is opened in the center, so that the boards can be extracted which, in this way, can be aligned to...

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  • Kitchen tables
    Kitchen tables

    Kitchen tables: design, materials and requirements The table is one of the most important elements of the kitchen. Here the whole family gathers after a day of work, to have meals with friends; here you chat with your loved ones over a cup of coffee, experiment with new recipes, spend pleasant moments in the shelter of the home. This complement, in fact, could be considered the symbol of the hearth. In addition, in addition to being useful, it is an authentic decorative object: its lines...

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  • Furnishing the dining area with industrial and vintage style tables
    Furnishing the dining area with industrial and vintage style tables

    The dining area is the beating heart of the home, the area most frequented by family and friends. We at Kasa-Store have some advice on choosing the right industrial and vintage style dining table for your home.

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