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  • Furnishing accessories made in Italy
    Furnishing accessories made in Italy

    Antartidee furnishing accessories Furnishing your home in an original way is easier if you rely on Antartidee accessories: a vast assortment of solutions that satisfy the most diverse tastes and satisfy any type of need in the name of maximum creativity. The Italian brand saw the light in Reggio Emilia in 1986, and since then has been able to make itself known and appreciated for the high quality standards that characterize all its proposals. Antartidee furnishing accessories are the result...

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  • Fixed and extendable tables
    Fixed and extendable tables

    Modern extendable tables When choosing modern extendable tables, one of the first aspects to take into consideration is their opening mechanism. The options available from this point of view are many: the simplest mechanisms require one top to slide over the other, while in other cases a book opening is used; a third alternative is represented by the crank opening, thanks to which the table is opened in the center, so that the boards can be extracted which, in this way, can be aligned to...

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