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  • Modern or classic chairs
    Modern or classic chairs

    Dining room, how to choose the right chairs? The choice of chairs for the dining room must take into account the habits of those who live in the house, the frequency with which any guests are welcomed and the style of the environment. The combination with the table is not an obligation that cannot be waived, but must be carefully evaluated according to the case. In particular, it is recommended if you intend to create an overall effect by ensuring that proportions are maintained in relation...

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  • Beds

    Single or double beds: suggestions for a careful choice Before deciding whether to buy a single or double bed, it may be useful to discover all the proposals that the market makes available in this sector. As far as networks are concerned, for example, there are all types, such as to satisfy any kind of need. The adjustable slatted bases, in particular, are designed and built to be extracted: the slats are placed on guides and then spaced and adjusted according to needs. The fixed slatted...

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