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  • Kitchen tables
    Kitchen tables

    Kitchen tables: design, materials and requirements The table is one of the most important elements of the kitchen. Here the whole family gathers after a day of work, to have meals with friends; here you chat with your loved ones over a cup of coffee, experiment with new recipes, spend pleasant moments in the shelter of the home. This complement, in fact, could be considered the symbol of the hearth. In addition, in addition to being useful, it is an authentic decorative object: its lines...

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  • Chairs and seating: the models that have made furniture design history
    Chairs and seating: the models that have made furniture design history

    Chairs and more. A solution for every space to be furnished Chairs are one of the most important accessories in a home. They are, in fact, synonymous with relaxation and comfort: one sits down to rest after a hard day's work, to eat meals in the company of the family, to sip a good coffee, to read a book. At the same time, these elements are authentic decorative objects, able to enhance the rooms with their refined lines. This is why it is necessary to select models that are coherent with...

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  • Children's beds: a comfortable and fun bedroom
    Children's beds: a comfortable and fun bedroom

    How to choose the right bedroom for your baby The bedroom, for a child, is a very important environment. This is its safe harbor, the refuge dedicated to play and entertainment: here the little ones grow up, rely on the wings of the imagination to imagine exciting feats, learn about the world around them. For all these reasons it is essential that the furnishing accessories are comfortable, functional and with attention to the smallest details. This applies to the desk, the wardrobe, the...

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  • Modern or classic chairs
    Modern or classic chairs

    Dining room, how to choose the right chairs? The choice of chairs for the dining room must take into account the habits of those who live in the house, the frequency with which any guests are welcomed and the style of the environment. The combination with the table is not an obligation that cannot be waived, but must be carefully evaluated according to the case. In particular, it is recommended if you intend to create an overall effect by ensuring that proportions are maintained in relation...

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  • Beds

    Single or double beds: suggestions for a careful choice Before deciding whether to buy a single or double bed, it may be useful to discover all the proposals that the market makes available in this sector. As far as networks are concerned, for example, there are all types, such as to satisfy any kind of need. The adjustable slatted bases, in particular, are designed and built to be extracted: the slats are placed on guides and then spaced and adjusted according to needs. The fixed slatted...

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  • Bathroom furniture
    Bathroom furniture

    Bathroom furniture: tips for choosing the ideal furniture solution for your spaces The choice of bathroom furniture must be made with the utmost attention both in the case of a renovation and when dealing with a new house that has just been delivered. Taking into account the size of the room, it is good to carefully evaluate the various furnishing solutions that the market makes available, so that they allow to optimize all spaces. The bathrooms, of course, are all different, and it is for...

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  • The living room and its spaces
    The living room and its spaces

    Living furniture: how to choose materials and furniture for the living room The choice of furniture to use to furnish the living room depends, first of all, on the style of the living area on which you have to intervene. For example, a contemporary style living room is the best option for those who want to benefit from the essential lines of the most modern minimalism but at the same time do not want to do without the warmth of tradition. The contemporary style makes versatility its peculiar...

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  • Furnishing accessories made in Italy
    Furnishing accessories made in Italy

    Antartidee furnishing accessories Furnishing your home in an original way is easier if you rely on Antartidee accessories: a vast assortment of solutions that satisfy the most diverse tastes and satisfy any type of need in the name of maximum creativity. The Italian brand saw the light in Reggio Emilia in 1986, and since then has been able to make itself known and appreciated for the high quality standards that characterize all its proposals. Antartidee furnishing accessories are the result...

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  • Fixed and extendable tables
    Fixed and extendable tables

    Modern extendable tables When choosing modern extendable tables, one of the first aspects to take into consideration is their opening mechanism. The options available from this point of view are many: the simplest mechanisms require one top to slide over the other, while in other cases a book opening is used; a third alternative is represented by the crank opening, thanks to which the table is opened in the center, so that the boards can be extracted which, in this way, can be aligned to...

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  • Tulip tables designed by Eero Saarinen and matching with the chairs
    Tulip tables designed by Eero Saarinen and matching with the chairs

    Eero Saarinen is a designer born in Finland in 1910. Once he became an architect, he created a large number of works that have contributed to writing the history of design furniture. Among the icons of the dining table that have withstood the passing of the years and the evolution of fashions, there is, for example, Tulip. In the second half of the 1950s, Saarinen was commissioned to create the Tulip series, which should have consisted of chairs and tables, from an American company that was...

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  • Car-shaped bed: a dream children's room
    Car-shaped bed: a dream children's room

    The beds with the shape of a car represent a truly curious and particular piece of furniture for children's bedrooms. These are beds that have an out of the ordinary and very particular design, original and at the same time innovative. On the other hand, cars are often a source of dreams and desires for the little ones: so why not resort to a bed that brings to mind a real vehicle? This is a strange idea, but not for this reason to be overlooked: and the market, in fact, has been invaded by...

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