• Angel Cerdà
  • Antartidee


    Home accessories and objects. Antartidee was born in Reggio Emilia in 1986. Immediately the idea of creating objects such as coat hangers, object holders, watches, bookends, key rings and many other products. The Gift Ideas and other objects of daily use are thus created by your laboratory where with passion thanks to master craftsmen they are built in fiberglass and subsequently hand-painted creating truly design objects. To date, a highly developed market reality is very well established

  • Arti e Mestieri
  • Brunetti Sedie
  • Cilek


    Cilek children's bedrooms in the shape of a car or available in other forms such as pirates etc. The Cilek company was born in 1996 and designs and manufactures furniture and accessories for children's rooms or infants all over the world. A company in strong expansion boasts of over 500 points of sale all over the globe able to satisfy any request both for your boy and girl respecting the production and quality standards and compliant with the rules of the European Union. All the goods are CE certified including electrical parts and the REACH certificate for Çilek packaging materials, has a conformity for the paints used in metallic and plastic materials according to the RoHS Directive issued by the EU and from the analysis of toxic elements EN 71 -3. In addition, Cilek also has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates for management systems. All Çilek branded products comply with the E1 standard and have the TSE E1 certificate of conformity issued by the TSE and certifies that it has no carcinogenic effects. products are covered by a Çilek guarantee against deterioration, breakage and discoloration caused by production. Therefore it offers products of the highest quality and reliability that are convenient, elegant, comfortable. So after you have read what is reported you can be super sure that you are not buying a scarce but absolutely safe product for you and your children. Buy under warranty

  • Cribel


    Chairs, Relax Armchairs, Sofas, Complements, Stools and Poufs. A dynamic and young company able to satisfy any taste and wallet. Attentive researchers and importers of Armchairs, Stools, Coffee Tables, Beds and much more to furnish your spaces with taste and design. Large spaces for the warehouse stocks of about 10000 meters to always guarantee the customer the prompt delivery of the goods.

  • Dilazzaro


    Chairs, Tables and Consoles. The all-Italian company that produces furnishing accessories was born as an artisan reality and over time becoming established in the market it became a real icon for lovers of the sector. Always attentive to the fashions and requests of the moment, it churns out constantly new products at very moderate prices with a very high quality. Its design is forged by experience and valuable collaborators as interior designers and architects.

  • F.lli Tomasucci

    F.lli Tomasucci

    Furnishing. The company was born from the Tomasucci family in the 1950s. A long experience gained over the years, from an artisan activity, became an industrial reality and then left room for the children in 1991 for the birth of F.lli Tomasucci. Today F.lli Tomasucci is an icon in the vast world of complement. Reliable importers of design items such as: Living room furniture, Chairs, Tables, Beds, Sofas, Bathroom Furniture, Fireplace Furniture, Office and lighting. A variety of refined materials are used for the realization of their products and finished with varnishing or chroming

  • Furia Srl

    Furia Srl

    Bags and poufs for indoors and outdoors. Furia Srl is a dynamic Italian company and leader in the sector for the production of bags and poofs for both indoors and outdoors. Born in 1976, over time it has developed a wide versatility for all market requests, satisfying any request, even customizable. The materials used for the realization of the products are many and range from fabrics suitable for exterior and interior, decorations and padding and are all certified for sale all over the world. It boasts a very large market network in Italy with around 300 points of sale and the quality of the product is truly excellent as that of the padding with micro polystyrene balls that will serve to make your body comfortable in moments of relaxation. really all-round ready to create any one you want that has the shape of a cushion, armchair or even a chaise longue

  • Grupo Mobilfresno
  • Ideal Lux

    Ideal Lux

    Lighting in general. Born in 1971 Giovanbattista Strano his founder gets married and as he furnishes his apartment he realizes how expensive the lighting is. Then contact some Murano glassworks and a blacksmith to make the chandeliers he had seen. In a short time he was able to develop various models of lamps and chandeliers at a very competitive price. In doing so, it manages to create a system that satisfies the market in terms of quality and price service. In 1974 a real consolidation took place and the company was born . The mission of IDEAL LUX is to meet the needs of their customers with prices accessible to all portfolios.

  • Itamoby


    Itamoby, a leading Italian company on the market for the production and import of extendable consoles with modern and attractive shapes. The catalog also offers a wide range of double, single and double beds. Also worth mentioning are the Modern Tables and Sofas that offer excellent ideas and solutions at an advantageous and affable price for all portfolios. Even if with economic products Itamoby is cominque Symbol and guarantee of quality and seriousness

  • Karman


    Indoor and outdoor lighting. The Karman company is an Italian company producing fantastic lighting fixtures built with materials such as resin, ceramic and metal. The style and modern design practically lets you dream of luxurious environments decorated by interior designers in the sector. The attention to detail and the extravagance of the products recall futuristic environments and really project us from a parallel world. Karman is synonymous with quality and very high design and you can find in our catalog beautiful items obviously Made in Italy

  • kasa-store


    Furniture in nature. Always active and present on the market, Kasa-Store, a brand belonging to M & L Design, searches for suppliers and manufacturers to satisfy all market demands and customer needs.
    The choice is made with high reliability parameters of the suppliers on all the crucial points that year from the quality of the product, from the materials used, passing to the certifications and guarantees for the final buyer. All this does not forget what are the milestones of the economy by offering des suitable prices for the public as a whole by combining the seriousness of the company which, even if young, never leaves the customer alone and follows him from the choice of the product to the purchase and after-sales service.
    An excellent brand for every shop or private individual and a good partner for your purchases.

  • Lucifero Illuminazione

    Lucifero Illuminazione

    Lucifero Illuminazione leading company for decorative indoor lighting with a unique design with a wide range of products that come out of line thanks to the search for lighting systems both with LEDs and with traditional and low-energy lamps. For over 25 years, it has been increasingly committed to innovation and the search for refined materials with both chromed and painted finishes. A real brand that will change the face of your spaces by creating very cool environments full of precious objects that are not easy to find

  • M&L Design

    M&L Design

    Home accessories and objects. Kasa-Store is an M&L design brand born from the desire to provide all customers who love to buy their furniture via the web. Our brand offers many items including chairs, tables, and furnishing accessories ranging from contemporary items or even those from the Bauhaus collection. Among the best-known and best-selling products, the Tulip table by Saarinen stands out at the top. Even if it is a re-edition like all the other items, it is still very well-known and is purchased as a contemporary table both in the fixed or extendable version in laminate or in its variants of marble. In all of this, we always want to offer you the top of the range, giving you the opportunity to shop safely and of absolute quality. Our passion as well as looking for new items every day is therefore to serve your customer at 360 ° and follow him in all phases both that on the advice before the purchase up to the final phase of delivery and post delivery. Our well-known company boasts of many national and international customers and thanks to their trust and their transparency we are able to work more and more, even improving sometimes for their advice. So if you are looking for a partner for your furniture, M&L Design is at your service also offering you products such as chairs, hangers and armchairs to furnish your entire home or restaurant. We also collaborate with architects and interior designers for furniture supplies where every request is taken care of by our staff is now in contact with many furniture production companies where they can find anything that is requested. So don't doubt but test us

  • Omet


    Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps, Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lamps. Omet is an Italian company producing lamps of any kind and its production is based on items such as floor lamps, wall lamps, suspensions etc. Every day he manages to create many new products made of iron, copper, steel or even jute thanks to skilled Italian craftsmen. His specialization is also to create Public Lighting and accessories such as Benches, Vases etc. A company truly capable of satisfying both the private individual and the state or municipal sector

  • Plastiko


    Plastiko is a company born to satisfy the needs of parents and their little ones to furnish their bedroom in a nice and innovative way. It is a manufacturer of beds in the shape of a car or carriage for the princesses capable of making non-toxic products thanks to all their certifications of both materials and paints and then finally getting to the packaging. The catalog is very large and there are really many beds available such as the one in the shape of a fireman or the one in the shape of a carriage for girls up to the desk with a built-in wardrobe in the shape of a petrol pump and they are really well made and cared for in every part. The solidity of the materials and the structure guarantee the safety of your children and as a company it is very careful about this and uses suitable and tested materials to support higher weights such as those of an adult or much greater. Bunk beds for example are tested for 120 kg per bed so you can be safe and not fear dangers and accidents for your little ones

  • Plust
  • QisDesign


    Philips led lighting. Founded in 2009, QisDesign enters to be part of the BenQ group, a group with more than 21 billion dollars of annual turnover, and thanks to its strength given by the multiple affiliates it manages to give its best in various sectors. A new concept of producing Lighting Fixtures such as Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lights, Chandeliers and Table Lamps with very powerful Touch and Led lights. I am always looking for the best result by creating very functional and elegant items. Our goal is to satisfy customers' wishes and guarantee them a unique experience by creating an unreal atmosphere.

  • Resol


    Complements and outdoor furniture. Resol was born 50 years ago in Spain as a manufacturer of sternum furniture and thanks to the collaboration of famous designers it manages to keep up with the market both in the design sector and is always looking for new materials for the creation of indestructible and weatherproof products. . It boasts a vast commercial and production network and thanks to its gigantic structure of 40,000 square meters, it satisfies all kinds of requests by shipping around 300 containers worldwide every year. The product as well as being made is also tested with strict standards respecting all the standards to have all the certifications suitable for the marketing itself such as Fira, CSQ, Catas and other certificates that make them a real elite company. Quality and solidity are always first

  • Scab Design

    Scab Design

    Scab Design was born in 1957 and is now in all respects a leading company in the Italian production of furnishing accessories both for the exterior and for the interiors and the contract. Specialized above all in the manufacture of seats, with their 3 factories located in northern Italy, they internally manufacture all their products in polycarbonate, polypropylene and polymer. In fact, the technopolymer used is the best existing, to the point of having authorization to certify their polycarbonate products as articles made with Makrolon polymers from Sovestro. This is a guarantee of resistance and quality for their creations.

  • Stones


    Tables, chairs, lighting, mirrors. Company established in the import of furnishing accessories, is confirmed on the market by creating an innovative and patented product. Its name Stones derives from Pietra and it is the material used for most of its products that are made in Italy in the complex production process that involves the processing of said material. The designs of the articles in their catalog are made by Architects and Designers. Italians always keeping up with current trends. Tables, chairs and mirrors are the workhorse, but even more the oil fireplaces

  • Target Point