• Antartidee


    Furnishings and objects for the home. Antartidee was born in Reggio Emilia in 1986. Immediately the idea of creating objects such as Attaccapanni, Porta Arti, Watches, Bookends, Keychains and many other products. The Gift Ideas and other objects of daily use are thus made by his workshop where, with passion, thanks to master craftsmen, they are made of fiberglass and subsequently hand-painted, creating truly design objects. To date, very well established is a very developed market reality

  • Cribel


    Chairs, Relax Armchairs, Sofas, Complements, Stools and Poufs. A dynamic and young company able to satisfy any taste and wallet. Careful researchers and importers of armchairs, stools, coffee tables, beds and much more to furnish your space with taste and design. Large spaces for warehouse stock of about 10000 mt to always guarantee the customer the prompt delivery of goods.

  • Dilazzaro


    Chairs, Tables and Consoles. The all-Italian company that makes of Complementi d'Arredo was born as a craftsman and over time establishing itself in the market becomes a real icon for lovers of the sector. Always attentive to the fashions and the demands of the moment, it produces news continuously at very moderate prices with a very high quality. His design is forged by experience and valid collaborators as interior designers and architects.

  • F.lli Tomasucci

    F.lli Tomasucci

    Furnishing complements. The company was founded by the Tomasucci family in the 50s. A long experience gained over the years, from craftsmanship turned into an industrial reality and then left room for the children in 1991 for the birth of F.lli Tomasucci. Today F.lli Tomasucci is an icon in the vast world of the complement. Reliable importers of design items such as: Living room furniture, Chairs, Tables, Beds, Sofas, Bathroom furniture, Fireplace furniture, Office and lighting. A varied series of refined materials are used for the realization of their products and finished with Verniciature or Cromature

  • Ideal Lux

    Ideal Lux

    Lighting in general

  • Itamoby
  • Karman


    Indoor and outdoor lighting. The Karman company is an Italian company that produces fantastic lighting fixtures built with materials such as resin, ceramics and metal. The style and the modern design leaves practically dream of luxurious environments and decorated by interior designers of the sector. The attention to detail and the extravagance of the products recall futuristic environments and really project us from a parallel world. Karman is synonymous with quality and high design and you will find in our catalog beautiful articles obviously Made in Italy

  • kasa-store


    Furniture in kind. Always active and present on the Kasa-Store market, a brand belonging to M & L Design, research suppliers and producers to satisfy all the demands of the market and the customer's needs.
    The choice is made with high reliability parameters of the supplier under all the crucial points that go from the quality of the product, from the materials used, moving on the certifications and guarantees for the final purchaser. All this happens not forgetting those that are the cornerstones of the economy proposing prices suitable for the whole public by combining the seriousness of a company that, even if young, never leaves the customer alone following him from the choice of the products up to the purchase and all after sales assistance.
    The right brand for each store or private and the right partner for your purchases

  • Lucifero Illuminazione
  • Omet


    Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps, Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lamps. Omet is an Italian company producing lamps of any kind and its production is based on items such as floor lamps, wall lamps, suspensions etc. Every day manages to create thanks to skilled Italian artisans many new products made of Iron, Copper, Steel or even Juta. His specialization is also to create public lighting and accessories such as benches, vases, etc. A company truly able to satisfy both the private sector and the State or Municipal sector

  • QisDesign
  • Scab Design

    Scab Design

    Scab Design is born in 1957 and it is now a company leader in the field of the outdoor and indoor furniture and also for contract. Their production is Made in Italy. Specialists especially of chairs production, with their 3 plants situated in northern Italy, made internally all their polycarbonate, polypropylene and polymers products. In fact, the tecnopolymer used is the best, for this reason they have been granted to certify their polycarbonate products as articles made with polymer Makrolon by Sovestro. This is guarantee of strength and quality for their creations.

  • Stones


    Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Mirrors. An established company in the importation of Furnishing Accessories, it is confirmed on the market by creating an innovative and patented product. Its name Stones derives from Pietra and it is precisely the material used for most of its products that are made in Italy in the complex production process that involves the processing of said material. The drawings of the articles in their catalog are made by Architects and Designers. Italians always abreast of current trends. Tables, chairs and mirrors are the workhorse, but even more the oil fireplaces