1 – To buy on M&L Design

2 – Purchase Procedure

3 – Order Modifications

4 – Shipping and Deliveries

5 – Shipping Costs

6 - Delivery Times

7 – Products Not Available

8 – Limits of use

9 – Revocation right

10 – Possible problems after delivery

11 – Warranty

12 – Privacy

13 – Summer break

14 – Christmas break

15 - COVID-19

1 – To buy on M&L Design

The company M&L Design is regularly signed up at the registration office of Siena on 21/03/2017 with Cod.Fisc. 01449160520 and Vat number 01449160520. The operational headquarter of M&L Design is Via Piemonte n°13,53034 Colle di Val D'Elsa (SI)-Italy.
The prices showed ini the cart are in Euros (or in other currency selected by the user) and Italian vat taxes are included; the same price showed in the product page it is recapitulated in the order form which the Customer must confirm the completion of the purchase.
To know better our services not described on this page you can view the following pages: About usSecure PaymentFree delivery in Italy

2 - Purchase Procedure

The purchase of the products takes place through website access and the registration to the order form. For each product is available on the website a description with the main features of each article. All purchase support information are to be considered as simple general information material.
It is intended that the photos showed together to the product description cannot be fully representative of its features, but to differ in colour, dimensions and other products showed in the photo.
The reception of the order is confirmed by the Seller through an automatic reply by e-mail, sent tohe the email addressed communicated by the customer upon registration. This order confirmation message will show the "order number", to be used in case of further communication to the comapny. The message will contain all customer details and the customer engages to verify the correctness and communicate shortly any corrections to do. At the reception of this email, the contract is perfected and the custoer is committed to observe all General Sales Conditions written on this page and regulated by Italian law. In case of non-acceptance of the order, the seller assure the prompt communication and refund of the customer.
In case of order with cod payment, the contact is valid in all its parts from the moment you selected and confirmed as payment type.
The invoice to private clients could be requested only within 2 working days from the substitution of order status to "In production" or from payment date, excluded cod payment for which only "In Production" status will attest it. For the companies normal invoice will be issued and sent by email at the end of the month of the order date.

3 - Order Modification

Changes to the orders sent are assured until the status of In production of the articles; goods will be " In production " status just after the receipt of the payment. M&L Design is therefore at disposal for later changes but they are not assured and eventually they will be authorised on the basis of the production status.
In case of request of order cancellation in the time from the following day of the order confiration (order status "payment accepted") until the delivery of the goods, it won't be possible to cancel the order, otherwise M&L Design can hold or request the 30% of the amount as reimboursement of expenses.
The cancellation will be valid on time above-mentioned only on orders with payment by bank transfer or paypal, so they are excluded: payment at delivery, postepay and financing. It will be possible to request the right of withdrawal within 14 days from receipt of the goods.

4 - Shipping and Delivery

To initiate the shipping procedure, M&L Design sends the delivery e-mail in progress. The customer is obliged to authorize the shipment or collect the supply within 1 day from the sending of the email. If availability is not respected, any costs of storage and / or redelivery will be charged to the customer. If the customer does not want to authorize the shipment due to the impossibility of withdrawing the order on that date, he must send the request to [email protected] on the day of receipt of the delivery mial in progress indicating the date for which he wishes to receive the item purchased. In the event that the package received causes damage to the packages or visible damage to the naked eye even without opening the packages, the customer is also required to collect the goods and subsequently, within 7 days, send the request for damage to customer services @ kasa- for replacement under warranty. The replacement / repair under warranty will be accepted if and only if the rules for receiving and taking charge of the material as indicated in point 10 will be respected.

In the event that the customer does not wish to collect the goods, he will be charged for the costs of storage and shipment release. In any case, M & l Design must ensure that the goods have been refused and not placed in storage for faults not attributable to the customer and warn the customer of the return of the packages. The delivery and the acceptance of the supply is started only to order welded or with mark and carried out by express couriers or transporters specialized in the shipment of furniture and furnishings; the Standard Shipping service is to be intended as street-level delivery at the street number and the customer must work with the driver to unload the packages from the side of the truck, sometimes making other people available depending on the size and weight of the 'purchased item. M&L Design reserves the right to open certain packages to carry out random checks, possibly photographing the products and is legally responsible for the goods until delivery.

With destination Switzerland and for other countries outside European Union, the wording including taxes refers to the customs expenses incurred for export, so it will be the customer's charge to pay the VAT of his country at the time of delivery, import customs expenses and any duties.

With destination to the United States and Canada, M&L Design will communicate the total updated order free of VAT only after verifying the courier who will take care of the withdrawal of the ordered supply from stock.

Delivery by appointment means that a call will be made on the first mobile number registered during registration when the courier is taken in charge. The appointment will be agreed in the time slot in which the courier will deliver compatibly to his service routes and within the indicative time of 2 hours from the established time

Please note that the delivery of the car-shaped Cartoon Crib items will be sent by courier suitable for the transport of furniture, so the standard delivery e-mail with an e-mail alert will be only to confirm that the courier has withdrawn the goods so not you will receive no link to track the package. It will then be the same to contact the customer to arrange a delivery day but not a real appointment.

Delivery times for those who have accepted delivery to the floor or assembly may vary by up to 7 working days in addition to the already 2/6 days shown on each product in our catalog

5 - Shipping Costs

With Standard Shipping we intend all deliveries taking place at ground floor (at curbside - outside entrance gates) and for all those buildings which can be reached by a semi-trailer and which do not belong to Special Locations.
Free Shipping only for Italy.

For shipments to other European countries, the customer can calculate the shipping costs directly from the website by adding the products to the cart; on next page you will find the button "calculate shipping costs". For extra European countries, the customer must contact us by email [email protected] to request the specific cost. Also in these cases, delivery is ground floor outside the building.

6 - Delivery Times

Production Times are intended as merely estimates based on experience and previous orders of the same product type: each product card indicates production times for the related product; waiting periods for custom-made products are normally included in a 3 to 8 week time for production.

These times are also shown in the technical data sheet below the product images and are named with SHIPPED IN and Days needed by the courier for delivery. These days are to be understood as working days. Let's take an example of how to count the days

product X for example: SHIPPED IN 10/15 WORKING DAYS
Days needed by the courier for delivery 3/8 WORKING DAYS

In this case the order can be delivered with a minimum of

13 working days (10 for preparation plus 3 for delivery)

up to a maximum of

23 working days (15 for preparation plus 8 for delivery)

All the articles of the website are produced specifically for the order received and the law provides and "additional period of time appropriate to the circumstances" within which a possible manufacturing delay is to be considered "appropriate according to circumstances". 
So M&L Design commits to deliver the goods within 30 working days from the time agreed calculated as sum of Production Time and Delivery Time indicated on each page of the articles. M&L Design Customer Service update regulary in the section order history of the Customer account, the indicative date of shipment date, so M&L Design is not obliged to inform the customer through email of the possible delay of delivery compared to the production time established during the time of purchase.

After the following 30 working days, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract of the only article which is late (if the order would contain more products) and so the relevant refund.

For the articles of the categories Kids Bedroom, the delivery time can differ also of 7 working days, since they are fragile products and sent through transporters specialised in furniture delivery, the delivery time can be longer than written on "Product Details" section.

It's the task of M'&L Design to respect and anticipate the terms indicated in Product Details sections. The infos showed on each Product Detail page concerning production time have to be considered as "avarage time" so to know a certain date of shipment we ask you to contact the Customer Service before the purchase if Delivery Terms are decisive concerning the decision of the purchase.

The orders which have as shipment date a near date to periods before Christmas or Summer holidays, they can be delayed short or substantial to possible unexpecteds regarding transport or overproduction.

7 - Products Not Available

M&L Design constantly works to keep its database up-to-date. Because of the great number of products and collections we offer, it may rarely happen that some options are not available anymore. In these cases M&L Design will promptly inform its customers who can decide whether to change the order or to claim for a refund of the amount already transferred. For Outlet products available in a single unit, in case of simultaneous orders of the same item the priority is given according to the first payment received (and not the first order). In these cases M&L Design promptly inform the Customer which can, in turn, decide whether to modify the order or ask for a refund. In case of a supply composed by more than one products the refund will concern only the item not available; obviously we will consider every case separately, in case of a possible complementarity of the items (chairs that match with the table or nightstands that match with the bed, ...)

In the United Kingdom and Ireland upholstered items must meet specific fire-proof standards. As most of M&L Design products are not realized with flame-retardant materials, it will be necessary to ask for a quote to the manufacturer to comply with these regulations. Please note that some of them do not provide such service. For this reason we recommend British customers to contact our Customer Care team for availabilities and surcharges.
If M&L Design receives an order with upholstered items to be delivered to the UK or Ireland, our staff will promptly help the customer to find the most suitable solution.

8 - Limits of Use

The descriptions of the products and the pictures on the website are referred to infos available from M&L Desgin srls suppliers. The photos and videos of the products together with the descriptive information are published on the website only as descriptive, taken into consideration that the quality of the images, included the exact view of the colours,can depend on software and computer tools used by the customer at the moment of the connection to the website. M&L Design does not accept any responsability concerning problems caused to the customer by the use of the site and the technologies used since not dependent on our own will.

M&L Design srls informs that the website, as well as all brands and logos used for the sale of the products offered, are protected by intellectuel and industrial property rights. and any re-productions, communications, distributions, publications, alteration or transformation, in whatever form and any purpose. M&L Design srls reserves the ability to act legally to safeguard these aspects.
M&L Design srls does not take any responsability concerning brands and logos which appar on products sold on the website, since the customer does not acquire any right following the conclusion of the Contract.

9 - Right of withdrawal

1.The client may withdraw from the agreement within a period of 14 days, without citing any reasons..
Whether the product (or products) have already been delivered, this period starts with the delivery itself of the product (or products). In that case the client will be responsible to return the product (or products) to M&L Design at the following address: M&L Design  – Via Piemonte 13, 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI) Italy.
As stated by the Italian Law, the return of incorrect product will be free of charge (the equivalent cost will be reimbursed to the client), while if the return applies to products that were corresponding to the order and have been delivered intact customer must arrange himself and pay the return shipping cost. 
Products damaged by detergents / additives, or products damaged by the client for malpractice will not be replaced or refunded by

2. To get the righ of withdrawal, the customer must send to a registered mail with with return receipt to M&L Design in Via Piemonte 13 - 53034 Colle di val d'elsa (SI) - or a Pec email to [email protected], within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, or within 1 day after order confirmation. During the time between the 1° day from the order confirmation (when the status of the order change in "payment accepted"), it won't be possible to cancel the order, on contrary M&L Design can hold or request the 50% of the total amount as cost refund. The registered mail or Pec email must contain the following documents:

- written and signed declaration of the customer to exercise the right of withdrawal by indicating the code of the article you wish to send back;
- copy of original invoice (it indicated order number, invoice number and customer code);
- bank details where to receive the refund (the account must be headed to invoice holder);

3. The right of withdrawal is subject to the following mandatory conditions:
- the right of withdrawal applies to the product whole product. It is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal only for a part of the purchased product,example: accessories;
- the company M&L Design, for the purpose of the applicability of the right of withdrawal of the distance contract in accordance to D.Lgsl. 206/2005, informs the customer that the product purchased must be intended as substantially intact as defined in the art.67 c.2 D.Lgsl. 206/2005.
- the purchased goods must be intact and send back inside the original packages, complete in all their parts (included packaging, documents inside the packages: tutorials,cables, etc...); to limit the damages to the original package, we recommand, if possible, to put it in a second box, where to affix the RMA (return code authorization) which M&L Design will send. Customer must avoid to put stickers or tapes directly on the original package of the product;
- the right of withdrawal is valid only for the product and we won't refund any other service.
- the goods subject to the right of withdrawal must have the same serial number on the invoice; if the article will have a different serial number from that one showed on the invoice, the return won't be accepted and the product will be available for the Customer for its pick up, in the same time the withdrawal request will be cancelled;

- the shipping costs for the return and its organisation are at customer's charge;
- the shipment, until the receipt of the goods in our warehous is under the complete customer's responsability;
- in case of damages during transport, M&L Design will give communication to the Customer (within 5 working days from the receipt of the goods in our warehouse), to allow to the customer to inform its transporter and get the refund of the goods from them (if the article was insured); in thi case, the product will be put at customer disposal for its pick upt, in the same time the withdrawal request will be cancelled;
-M&L Design is  not responsabile in any case for damaged or theft/loss of the goods when customer sends back the article;
- the goods subject of the right of withdrawal must return in our warehouse within 10 calendar days after the authorisation of the return, after this deadline, the shipping will be refused,  and in the same time the request of withdrawal will be cancelled.
- Exceptions of right of withdrawal:
for customized products or tailor-made products.
Choice of the colour or different sizes not showed in the website (many products are customizable)
Goods arrived damaged during transport.
Please ask information on eventual withdrawal exclusions.

4. Without prejudice of eventual costs for restoring damages on original package and /or internal packages (boxes, cellophane etc), M&L Design will refund the customer the whole amount of the returned goods, within 14 days from the return of the goods through Bank Transfer.

5. M&L Design, for the purposed of the application as in accordance to D.Lgsl. 206/2005, informs that the product will be considered as intact, in accordance to art. 67 c. 2 D.Lgsl. 206/2005, ony in case of not infringement or opening of the customer of the package and the seal. In case of revocation of the right of withdrawal, M&L Design will send back to the sender the article, charging to the customer the shipping costs.
The right of withdrawal will be valid only if the box will not be opened and the product will remain in the original box. . 

The shipping address is: M&L Design, via selvamaggio 19 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI).

10– Possible problems after delivery

It can happen that during transport an object is damaged or lost.
These events are really a few and protect itself is simple: at the receipt of the goods, the Customer must check carefully the goods and in case of anomaly (EVEN IF THE CORNER OF A BOX IS SLIGHTLY DENTED) to accept the goods as "GOODS UNCHECKED" indicating the reason of the sentence (EX. "GOODS UNCHECKED- DAMAGED BOX", "DENTED BOX", "OPEN BOX", "BOX WITH HOLES", "INTERNAL SUSPICIOUS NOISES", "WET BOX" ETC)
Checks requested to the Customer at the receipt of the goods when the courier download the order at the delivery address, during the assembly, and in the moment just after the end of the assembly, the Customer must follow in every phase the RECEIPT OF THE GOODS

  • that the number of packages matches the same number written on transport document
  • that the package is intact (not wet, with holes, damaged, bended or other), if not you have to write it on transport document
  • customer must never refuse the delivery or any cost of storage or costs due to second delivery will be charged to the receiver
  • to take pictures before opening the box and before assembling the product ( if the product is already assembled, we cannot send any free replacement)

Exterior damages or the wrong number of the packages, must be immediately claimed in writing to the person who is doing the delivery, by writing on his transport document "GOODS ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE FOR...(explain the reason of the reserve).
Example: the Customer can write (GOODS ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE for damaged package" or "GOODS ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE for missing package".
The complaints must be communicated within 48 hours it the packages contain marble, glass or ceramic and within 7 days from the receipt for other materials with:

  • an email addressed to the transporter (the address is indicated on the document which accompanying the goods)

  • an email to [email protected]  sending pictures of the packages and products.

When we receive the email from the Customer, we'll ask the opening of the dossier for the damage, and we'll send to them all requested documents.
Once approved (on the part of the transporter and in its sole discretion) the refund for the damage caused, we will re-order a new product, as replacement of those one damaged or lost.

For protecting themselves from hidden damages (not visible with closed package), we advice the Customer to open the package and check the integrity ot the goods before signing the document with the sentence GOODS UNCHECKED (we remind you that also a small hole on the box, or a dented corner must be noted on the transport document since the package is not intact)

M&L Design srls engages without take responsability and without assuring the success of the complaint, to assist the Customer on the request of the opening of the dossier to the transporter..

Any comunication received after the deadline it won't be taken into account.
For each declaration, the Customer is fully responsible of what declared.

The procedures described here don't wish in any case to limit the warranty claims recognised to the Consumer by Consumer Code (and explicated at point 11), but only to create a common ground where Customers can receive the best possibe assistance.
We remember that the production time for the replacement is the same as the production time of a new article.
Customer must dispose the broken products after authorization of MeL DESIGN SRLS.


- Never refuse the goods or any possible costs of storage or costs due to second delivery will be charged to receiver

Verify number of packages: if the number is not same as indicated on transport document, please write about the missing package on the document.

- Verify externally the packages: if the packages have dents, hits, damaged parts, holes, wet parts, it's  obligatory to accept the goods with reserve "for damaged package/ wet /dented /with holes / strange internal noises"; in case the packages are perfectly intact, please accept always the goods as "GOODS UNCHECKED".
In these cases (broken package/wet/dented / strange internal noises) the replacement is surely at M&L Design charge. 
If the document is not signed with the sentences aforementioned, and so indicating the real status of the packages when received, M&L Design is not be held responsible because the transporter doesn't refund the damage. 

Only in the option of accepting the goods as "GOODS UNCHECKED", the transporter will evaluate the reason of the damage suffered (hidden) so that they can attribute responsability and the costs to have for the replacement, but the aformentioned reservation doesn't assure the complete guarantee.

- sign the transport document only after the verification of the number of the packages and the exterior status of the packages. Accept the delivery also if the packages and products have anomalies.

- take pictures of the packages externally before the opening and before assembling; it is always obligatory in case of goods accepted with reservation it can be useful in case of product anomalies. If you send us pictures of damaged products after assembling, we won't send any free replacement.

- open packages carefully specially if you use cutters or blades. Sharp objetc used during the opening of the packages are among the main causes of damages and since they can be easily recognisable they are not covered by guarantee.

- Verify the articles before the assembly: in case of anomalies concerning one article, it is necessary to take detailed pictures before to continue to remove the packaging or to assemble it. Follow our guide concerning how to take pictures of anomaly and defects.

- Handle the packages with great care: in case of large volumes or heavy, a second person is needed.

- During the assembly follow the Instructions: normally they are included with the goods. For the more demanding steps get the help of a second person.

- Anomalies during the assembly: take pictures of the anomaly before the end of the assembly, contact then our Customer Service to verify how to go on.

- Keep always the original packaging at least after the assembly. In case of replacement it's needed to use the original packaging.

Claims will be valid if done within 48 hours from receipt of the goods if packages contain marbles, glasses or ceramics, and within 7 days if packages contain other materials


- If you think that an anomaly can be a Product Defect or a Transport Damage you must communicate it promptly to [email protected] The communication regarding the Exterior Status of Packages must be done the same day of the receipt or maximum during the following morning; the communicatioin regarding the Integrity of the Articles after the Opening of the Packages must be done withint 7 days from Receipt of the Goods.

- Every Communication must be done by email, writing the order number, the description of what's happened and sending the pictures done.

11 - Warranty e place of jurisdiction

In order to ensure high quality standards, the products have quality controls from M&L design srls before the sending. However, in case of inconveniences, the customer benefits of the legal warranty from the manufacturer of 24 months. To that guarantee shall be added the guaranteed "satisfied or refunded" of M&L design srls, valid until 30 days after the delivery, on condition that the product is used in a normal way and in compliance with the instructions explained in the documents attached to the products and in the relevant instruction manual.
In any case, the products sold benefit of the legal warranty for hidden defects provided in the articles 1641 and following of Civil Code.
Lastly, some products benefit of an extended warranty. In these cases, the way and the duration of the warranty will be specified in the warranty certificate delivered together with the product. This certificate doesn't cover damages and breakage or malfunctions caused by the non-compliance of precautions for use.
For activating the warranty, the customer send back the product to M&L design srls at its charge, sending together the original receipt of the order.
The product will be replaced by an identical production and sent at M&L design srls charge, except in case of non-availability or stopped production of the product. In this last case, M&L design srls will refund the price of the product to the customer.

The place of jurisdiction in case of disputes regarding both guarantee and all other possible discord remains in Italy more precisely in the Siena office.

12 - Privacy

M&L design srls is the owner of the datas collected at the registration of the website, and also datas communicated subsequently at the moment of the purchase from the customer, as exception done concerning the details of the payment; in this case details are sent to banks institutions through which the transaction is effected. For the information concerning the processing of personal datas, including the rights of art. 7 of  D. lgs. 196/03, reference is made to athe detailed information already supplied at the moment of registration on the website .

13 - Summer Break

Summer break from 01/08/2021 to 29/08/2021

The shop will be closed but the customer service will be always active

We inform you that the shop M&L Design will be closed for summer holidays from 01/08/2021 to 31/08/2021. We confirm you that our customer service will be always at your disposal for any clarification you may need also during this period. The orders placed within 27/07/2021 will be sent within 01/08/2021 for the articles with the maximum production time of 1 working weeks, while for all other articles the real delivery time will be calculated from 31/08/2021.

14- Christmas Breack

Christmas break from 08/12/21 ad from 18/12/2021 to 07/01/2022

The shop will be closed but the customer service will be always active

We inform you that the shop M&L Design will be closed for summer holidays from 18/12/2021 to 07/01/2022. We confirm you that our customer service will be always at your disposal for any clarification you may need also during this period. The orders placed within 15/12/2021 will be sent within 18/12/2021 for the articles with the maximum production time of 1 working weeks, while for all other articles the real delivery time will be calculated from 07/01/2022

15 - COVID-19

Decree of 09 March 2020

In relation to the ministerial decree of 09 March. orders received after this date will be taken over but may be delayed. We cannot currently quantify them, however we will try to process them within the 30-day extension as reported in paragraph 6 DELIVERY TIMES. We will update this article with every ministerial decree issued

Update 21/03/20

In relation to the new squeezes issued by the Ministry of Health and the Minister of the Council, we inform you that the delivery times for orders received from the aforementioned update date will start production from the reopening of the manufacturing companies, therefore at a date to be allocated based on the new dpcm

The portal will remain open for orders as well as our customer service which will carry out smart working.

Update on 30/10/20

Given the relentless recovery of the pandemic, we would like to point out that if a new look down is carried out both general and regional, orders may have delivery delays as by producing on the sold we do not have a certain warehouse with goods ready for delivery, so M&L design does not deems responsible for any delays not dependent on its work

Update 23/11/20

In relation to the pandemic and approaching Christmas, we warn that there will be possible delays or inefficiencies by couriers as they are overloaded with shipments and in reduced forces due to possible quarantine closures of their hubs or correspondents. Therefore the delivery times reported may vary by a few days and the multicolored products may also be delivered in multiple times.

Update 08/01/21

In relation to the pandemic, unfortunately there are difficulties in the worldwide supply of raw materials, so we inform you that orders are subject to delays of up to 3/4 months for imported items that are on the site with a production time from 25 working days.