1 – To buy on M&L Design

2 – Purchase Procedure

3 – Order Modifications

4 – Shipping and Deliveries

5 – Shipping Costs

6 - Delivery Times

7 – Products Not Available

8 – Limits of use

9 – Revocation right

10 – Possible problems after delivery

11 – Warranty

12 – Privacy

13 – Summer break

14 – Christmas break

1 – To buy on M&L Design

The company M&L Design is regularly signed up at the registration office of Siena on 21/03/2017 with Cod.Fisc. 01449160520 and Vat number 01449160520. The operational headquarter of M&L Design is Via Piemonte n°13,53034 Colle di Val D'Elsa (SI)-Italy. The prices showed are in Euros (or other currency selected by the user) and vat taxes are normally included; the same total amount showed in the offer it is then recapitulated in the order form; the customer must confirm the order form for closing of the contract.

It’s not the purpose of this page to present all company’s procedures for the customer service; we advice to read other pages such as: Who we are, Prices and payments, Shipping and Pick up

3 - Order Modification

Order changes are guaranteed as long as the production has not started yet; the production starts once the payment or the down payment has been received.
All the changes requests received after the putting into production (either the modification of a product or the shipping method) are to be intended as exceptions and therefore they have to be authorised according to the progress of the production process.

4 - Shipping and Delivery

To initiate the shipping procedure, M&L Design sends the delivery e-mail in progress. The customer is obliged to authorize the shipment or collect the supply within 1 day from the sending of the email. If availability is not respected, any costs of storage and / or redelivery will be charged to the customer. If the customer does not want to authorize the shipment due to the impossibility of withdrawing the order on that date, he must send the request to on the day of receipt of the delivery mial in progress indicating the date for which he wishes to receive the item purchased. In the event that the package received causes damage to the packages or visible damage to the naked eye even without opening the packages, the customer is also required to collect the goods and subsequently, within 7 days, send the request for damage to customer services @ kasa- for replacement under warranty. The replacement / repair under warranty will be accepted if and only if the rules for receiving and taking charge of the material as indicated in point 10 will be respected.

In the event that the customer does not wish to collect the goods, he will be charged for the costs of storage and shipment release. In any case, M & l Design must ensure that the goods have been refused and not placed in storage for faults not attributable to the customer and warn the customer of the return of the packages. The delivery and the acceptance of the supply is started only to order welded or with mark and carried out by express couriers or transporters specialized in the shipment of furniture and furnishings; the Standard Shipping service is to be intended as street-level delivery at the street number and the customer must work with the driver to unload the packages from the side of the truck, sometimes making other people available depending on the size and weight of the 'purchased item. M&L Design reserves the right to open certain packages to carry out random checks, possibly photographing the products and is legally responsible for the goods until delivery.

With destination Switzerland, the wording including taxes refers to the customs expenses incurred, so it will be the customer's charge to pay the VAT of his country at the time of delivery

With destination to the United States and Canada, M&L Design will communicate the total updated order free of VAT only after verifying the courier who will take care of the withdrawal of the ordered supply from stock.

Delivery by appointment means that a call will be made on the first mobile number registered during registration when the courier is taken in charge. The appointment will be agreed in the time slot in which the courier will deliver compatibly to his service routes and within the indicative time of 2 hours from the established time

Please note that the delivery of the car-shaped Cartoon Crib items will be sent by courier suitable for the transport of furniture, so the standard delivery e-mail with an e-mail alert will be only to confirm that the courier has withdrawn the goods so not you will receive no link to track the package. It will then be the same to contact the customer to arrange a delivery day but not a real appointment.

Delivery times for those who have accepted delivery to the floor or assembly may vary by up to 7 working days in addition to the already 2/6 days shown on each product in our catalog

5 - Shipping Costs

With Standard Shipping we intend all deliveries taking place at ground floor (at curbside - outside entrance gates) and for all those buildings which can be reached by a semi-trailer and which do not belong to Special Locations.
Shipping Gratis only for Italy

6 - Delivery Times

Production Times are intended as merely estimates based on experience and previous orders of the same product type: each product card indicates production times for the related product; waiting periods for custom-made products are normally included in a 3 to 8 week time for production.
In consideration of the nature of our products, "manufactured or acquired specifically for the Customer" (nature characterizing ALL products sold on M&L Design) the law provides an "additional period of time appropriate to the circumstances" within which a possible manufacturing delay is to be considered "appropriate according to circumstances". 
&L Design commits to deliver supplies within 30 days from the time agreed upon with the Customer and calculated by adding Production Times to the Shipping Times stated on the website which can be viewed before the purchase: after this period the Customer can terminate the contract without charges and M&L Design will proceed with the refund of the paid amount (for orders including more products which are not coordinated or that they belong to different collections, the Customer can terminate the purchase only of the products which have been delayed). M&L Design Customer Care constantly updates customers about the status of their orders: if - before the expiry of the 30 days of the first additional period of time - the Customer, who has been promptly informed about the delay, accepts to wait for the products, he will not be able to terminate the contract before another 30-day time span.

7 - Products Not Available

M&L Design constantly works to keep its database up-to-date. Because of the great number of products and collections we offer, it may rarely happen that some options are not available anymore. In these cases M&L Design will promptly inform its customers who can decide whether to change the order or to claim for a refund of the amount already transferred. For Outlet products available in a single unit, in case of simultaneous orders of the same item the priority is given according to the first payment received (and not the first order). In these cases M&L Design promptly inform the Customer which can, in turn, decide whether to modify the order or ask for a refund. In case of a supply composed by more than one products the refund will concern only the item not available; obviously we will consider every case separately, in case of a possible complementarity of the items (chairs that match with the table or nightstands that match with the bed, ...)

In the United Kingdom and Ireland upholstered items must meet specific fire-proof standards. As most of M&L Design products are not realized with flame-retardant materials, it will be necessary to ask for a quote to the manufacturer to comply with these regulations. Please note that some of them do not provide such service. For this reason we recommend British customers to contact our Customer Care team for availabilities and surcharges.
If M&L Design receives an order with upholstered items to be delivered to the UK or Ireland, our staff will promptly help the customer to find the most suitable solution.

8 - Limits of Use

M&L Design staff constantly works to keep all information on the website updated. At the same time, due to the huge load of developed contents, it's possible for you to find inaccuracies. Moreover, for all product cards automatically translated by the system we invite you to contact our Customer Care before the purchase for every detail you may not find clear enough.
It's our daily responsibility to keep the website as accurate as possible but it is also the customer's responsibility to verify the truthfulness of all those details considered fundamental for his/her satisfaction and necessary in order to proceed with the purchase: for example if you need to match products with others you already own (verify the matching of the items and the colour combinations), for products with measurements slightly inferior to the available space (please contact us in order to verify dimensions and ask for advices regarding measurements criteria), or for those rare cases where Product Cards have discrepancies in different parts of the card itself (you must read the entire Product Card); furthermore in case of Product Cards with a "Digital Samples Page" (photos of finishes and colours samples) the Customer must observe the Samples with care in order to evaluate how the "definition" of a certain material or finish, found inside the Product Card, is translated in terms of aesthetics in the Digital Samples page and therefore in reality. We remind you that the colour and texture of every natural material (wood, leather, stone, ...) change from piece to piece due to the variable outcome of each material.
The layered navigation (the instrument you find in the left column of each category which helps you sort products) is to be intended as amere support to the selection of the desired item: labels present in these attributes may not represent the exact characteristics of the item; therefore customers have to rely upon the description of the single product cards.
We check the correctness of product prices as soon as we receive manufacturers' order confirmations (in the days after the purchase and payment), in case of rare mistakes or inconveniences, should the indicated price be inferior to the correct selling price, Kasa-store reserves the right to take on the difference or to contact the Customer to check if he/she still wants to purchase the product at the correct price (otherwise, the Order won't be accepted and the already paid amount will be given back). Should the correct price of a product be inferior to the one indicated,Kasa-store will notify it to the Customer, re-crediting the difference (for full payments).
All manufacturers, suppliers, constantly work to improve the offered products, for this reason they reserve the right to modify technical features or sizes without notice, in case those changes affect only slightly the aesthetic aspect of the products as well as their use / ergonomics: also please take into consideration a certain margin in the dimensions of all upholstered products (dimensions of a product may vary according to the measured part and also due to the handicraft manufacturing of the padding; differences in terms of "some centimetres" are considered normal).
Kasa-store reserves the right to modify the names of some products, entirely or partially, to respect agreements with manufacturing companies. It is also possible that some products, shown on the website without brand name, arrive with labels stating different names from the published ones; these variations are not a valid reason for the termination of the contract, as the "product name" can not be considered a fundamental element for the value of the product.

9 - Right of withdrawal

The client may withdraw from the agreement within a period of 14 days, without citing any reasons, by writing to or to M&L Design srls Via Piemonte 13, 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI) Italy.
Whether the product (or products) have already been delivered, this period starts with the delivery itself of the product (or products). In that case the client will be responsible to return the product (or products) to M&L Design at the following address: M&L Design  – Via Piemonte 13, 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI) Italy.
As stated by the Italian Law, the return of any damaged or incorrect product will be free of charge (the equivalent cost will be reimbursed to the client), while if the return applies to products that were corresponding to the order and have been delivered intact you will be charged the return shipping cost. That cost may vary depending upon the size and volume of the product (or products).
Products damaged by detergents / additives, or products damaged by the client for malpractice will not be replaced or refunded by LTS. A copy of the delivery note will need to be placed inside the return packing box. The risks of transport for the return of the product (or products) is on the client.
Refunds will be done within a period of thirty (30) days from the date on which the client advised LTS of the right of withdrawal exercise.
Exceptions to the right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal does not apply on those products that are customized and/or manufactured on a single order basis (Lgs. D. 6/9/2005 n. 206). This production characteristic is reported in description provided in each product page.
The right of withdrawal will be valid only if the box will not be opened and the product will remain in the original box

10 – Possible problems after delivery

This point shows the assistance M&L Design gives to customers after Delivery: these procedures do not by any means limit Warranty Rights which are acknowledged by the Consumers Code (view point n°11), but they have to be intended as a common ground where Customers can receive the best possible assistance.
With the customer's interest in mind, in case of issues concerning the supplied items, our Customer Care will verify the overall processthroughout the different stages, from manufacturing up to the proper use of the products, in order to identify responsibilities; these can be assigned to the manufacturer, M&L Design as a retailer, the carrier appointed by M&L Design for the transport (this service is covered by an All Risk insurance) and the Customer or the person in charge of receiving the supply, moving the packages inside the house as well as proceeding with the assembling (for example in case of a company hired to assemble the furniture). During the unloading, assembling and the period immediately after the conclusion of the assembling process, Customers are bound to follow every step of our Instructions for the receipt of the goods: in this way they will receive the best assistance from our Customer Care thus resulting completely covered both in case of manufacturing defects and transport damages (which are not frequent but neither impossible).
In case a Customer does not follow all the steps stated in the procedure it may not be possible to properly assign the responsibility regarding the specific issue. In some cases we may ask the Customer to contribute to the possible replacement costs; M&L Design always works with the satisfaction of its customers in mind, reserving the right to consider each case singularly.
Basically, this procedure serves the purpose to confirm our Customer Care that specific issues have not be caused by the customer himself (or a delegated person): each procedure has been specifically thought to protect in the most effective way our customers.
At the receipt of the goods, please check carefully the packages and in case of broken package, please accept the goods signing with these options:
BROKEN PACKAGE : if there are open parts, and tears on the box
PACKAGE WITH HOLES : if there are holes or deep dents on boxes or packages
PACKAGE WITH WEIRD INTERNAL NOISES : if package contains glass or stone tables or any other article that if hit can be broken in many pieces even if the box is intact. If any of this possible damages are present on the packages, please accept the goods with GOODS UNCHECKED
We remind you also to take always pictures of the boxes before open them, for avoiding disputes and litigations with the transporter in case of hidden damages (goods unchecked) or to confirm the 3 points mentioned above.

The replacement of damaged or faulty parts requires slightly inferior or even the same times as the ones needed for production, since most of the products are custom-made and delivery terms remain the same as well. The replacement process starts once we receive the photographic documentation that must be sent to us soon after the delivery. M&L Design works as quickly as possible in order to reduce waiting times.
In case the replacement of a product (or part of it) requires the return of the damaged piece, customers have the responsibility to adequately pack the elements to avoid damages; in case M&L Design does not ask for the return of the product or part it, it is up to the customer to dispose of the damaged parts. M&L Design will provide by email the necessary labels to print and attach to each single package.

11 - Warranty

All products will be delivered with a regular sales invoice, valid for a 24 months warranty on all manufacturing defects, according to the Italian Consumers Code; for all purchases with an invoice issued to a company or to a professional with VAT number, the warranty will be valid for 12 months.
Products have to be used properly, in compliance with their intended use, and well maintained: packages always include a product card with related indications; should it not be present, customers have the responsibility to contact our Customer Care. M&L Design constantly works to operate in the fastest way possible: at the same time we have to refer to our suppliers according to their producing and managing terms. In case the replacement or repairing of a product (or part of it) requires the return of the damaged piece, customers have the responsibility to adequately pack the elements to be returned to avoid further damages and to pay for the return of the product; costs related to the repair (for materials and labour) and shipping back the product will be charged to the last few years the increasing extension of warranty times both in advertising campaigns and in business trading, has created unreal length expectations from customers, in contrast with the product real potential and life-span. These unreal warranty lengths often hide many limitations which devalue the product warranty, and they are offered on products with an average, or even much shorter life-span than the warranty itself. On the contrary, we believe in the real value of warranties, which represent a real protection for customers on collections designed and produced to enjoy a much longer average life than the specified terms.

12 - Privacy

M&L Design does not absolutely use personal data, collected through the registration to the website, for any future electronic communication activity, and at the same time will not release its customers' personal data to third parties. All data are exclusively used to manage customers' orders in the best way. This Directive is not valid for other websites that can be consulted through our links, M&L Design is not to be held responsible. The company in charge for the processing of personal data on this website is M&L Design in Via Piemonte 13 C.A.P. 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI) - Italy. The processing of personal data connected with this website is treated by and by M&L Design. employees. No data collected will be communicated or released to third parties. All personal data registered on will be exclusively used to supply services and products and will be kept on database until the customer will decide to cancel his/her account. All personal data may be used in case of possible electronic damages

13 - Summer Break

Summer break from 01/08/2019 to 31/08/2019

The shop will be closed but the customer service will be always active on whatsapp at +39 3664857258 and through the chat on the website

We inform you that the shop M&L Design will be closed for summer holidays from 01/08/2019 to 31/08/2019. We confirm you that our customer service will be always at your disposal for any clarification you may need also during this period. The orders placed within 28/07/2019 will be sent within 01/08/2019 for the articles with the maximum production time of 1 working week, while for all other articles which have a production time superior to 1 working week, the production time will be calculated from the day of the order until 31/07/19 and then the remaining days will start again from 31/08/2019.

14 - Christmas Break

Christmas break from 22/12/2019 to 07/01/2020

The shop will be closed but the customer service will be always active

We inform you that the shop M&L Design will be closed for christmas holidays from 22/12/2019 to 07/01/2020. We confirm you that our customer service will be always at your disposal for any clarification you may need also during this period. The orders placed within 15/12/2019 will be sent within 22/12/2019 for the articles with the maximum production time of 1 working weeks, while for all other articles which have a production time superior to 1 working week, the production time will be calculated from the day of the order until 22/12/19 and then the remaining days will start again from 07/01/2019.