About us

M&L Design is a company that deals with contract about furniture supplyings abroad through other channels and thanks to a qualified team of architects, interior designers and skilled specialists we are proud of our ten-year experience and we are able to give reliability about what we do, offering a professional service based on high knowledge of all articles present on our catalogue. With M&L Design we would like to offer not only the traditional articles that you can found in all e-commerce websites, but articles of high-level design and useful at the same time. Our know-how of the field distinguishs ourselves offering always the best accuracy with a customer service active 8 hours each day for 5 days per week from 9 am to 12 am and from 2 pm to 7 pm from Monday to Friday, always careful at the customers’ demands.

 Our catalogue, choosen and tested by our specialists offers modern and classic sofas, armchairs, chairs, bags or poufs, beds, so a large range of products to guarantee the rightful relax; we thought also to our children, offering chairs, cartoons beds,carton’s games, accessories for theirs amusements,fun or rest. Furthermore we had a special consideration to environment looking for chairs, tables, lamps and many other gift ideas produced with recyclable carton or even with pallets. Among all of this, we didn’t forget to propose also Classics and re-edition articles from Bauhaus movement and the really unusual and unique sofas realized with 50’s cars parts. So we made really our best…now it’s up to you.

M&L Design meets always customers demands offering a large range of products, from furniture to home decor accessories to gift ideas. We selected the best Italian and International brands for satisfying all your requests.

Why signing up for M&L Design?

The subscription is free and only the registered customers will have access to all offers that M&L Design will do. After your sign up we will inform you about all M&L Design new proposal.

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