Kasa-store brand belonging to M&L design Srls

Kasa-Store was born as a bright idea in an unexpected moment of our lives, where what we had chosen to do was no longer enough for us, we felt it was time to go further, change, transform ourselves.

We have been in production for twenty years in the lighting and bathroom furniture finishing sector, we know your homes like the back of our hands, we have contributed to giving life to many dreams for years, which have shaped us as people, as workers and as a company.

Our company is (was) a family-run company, with employees, a very large space where the entire assembly line that made up our business was enclosed and as for everyone, the joys and sorrows of being in the craft sector and industry. We have evolved over time, diversifying both production and expanding our horizons, thus extending our business also towards the kitchen, living room and furniture finishes. As with all companies, we too have suffered from the fascination of technological as well as social evolution: times and requests changed over the years, fashions, styles and design and competition became increasingly varied and widespread. We thus realized that parallel to ours, a real world was born and grew, that of the online, which just wanted to be explored, studied and understood in order to be able to adapt to the times, ways and trends we were unconsciously experiencing. And so we did: little by little we kept the reins a little less tense on our main "traditional" work and we started, at the same time, an online store that had in all respects a personal imprint, that was easy, practical and that he had in all respects the assistance necessary to reassure and satisfy our customers and slowly build bricks on bricks the right reputation to be what we are today and believe in us, in our way of selling and therefore to support you .

For some years we have abandoned retail while remaining physically present and always available, relying on the care of the best couriers for shipments both to Italy and abroad and making use of a staff of passionate and reliable people. Our headquarters is nestled in the hills of Chianti Classico, in the heart of the most authentic Tuscany, a land of wines, food and incredible landscapes. Working in such a magical place is a cure and at the same time a fortune, because we are aware that it is the most beautiful countryside in the world and it is also the same that makes the quality of our life better to work well, in peace with nature that surrounds us, respecting it and trying to be at the best of our eco-friendly possibilities. One of the reasons why we abandoned production is precisely to have believed in a trade that would eliminate pollution and damage to the surrounding environment as much as possible, throwing the heart over the obstacle and building a world where we hope in a virtual space. you may feel at home.

We select the best manufacturers for you to give you the widest range of items for your home, from furniture to gift items, to enrich your online experience and continue to amaze you always.

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