For the orders placed through the website, M&L Design accepts only payments by bank transfer, Poste Pay and PayPal for credit cards and pre-paid cards and cod.

- In case of purchase paid by bank transfer, we ask the Customer to do the payment only after the receipt of our communicaton by e-mail about delivery time for the ordered articles. This communication will be sent within 24h from the receipt of the order. The order of your products from our suppliers (if the articles will not be present in our warehouse) will  be placed only after the receipt of your payment in our account, no later than 7 working days from our communication by email about delivery time of the articles, otherwise the order will be cancelled. For quicken the handling of the order it's necessary that the Customer writes the following points as reason of the transfer:

  • the order reference number 
  • the date of when the order has been placed
  • name and surname of the order's holder

- In case of purchase paid by PayPal, for every order is considered an additional charge of 2% of the total amount of the order (VAT taxes and shipping costs included) that will be added to already existing shipping costs. PayPal is the on-line payment service which allows to pay in a secure way, simply and fast and the opening of a PayPal account is free. Selecting PayPal payment, you will be forwarded to a page of PayPal website where you have to write your e-mail address and your password and you will do the payment. Your details will not be shared with M&L Design but they will be managed directly by PayPal. In case of cancellation of the order or if M&L Design doesn't accept it, the amount will be re-funded to your PayPal account. M&L Design will not be responsible for delays during reimboursent phase. 

- In case of purchase with COD payment (at delivery) for each order it's considered an additional charge of 5% for purchases until € 500,00 or if the shopping cart value is superior to this amount, the additional charge will be the 2% of the whole order. For amounts superior to € 1.000,00 the payment must be strictly done with cheque, not cash. We'll be accepted only cheques issued by primary banks. In case of cash payment please ask to the courier to confirm the receipt of the payment on the document of transport with a readable signature. If the payment is by cheque, it must be headed to M&L Design.

With Klarna, buy know and pay later

For now, the service is available only for Germany and Switzerland

For orders coming from Germany, you start paying from 14 days after receiving our automatic mail of "in preparation", it means when we start preparing your order. This payment method is available for orders from 35€ to 1000€.

For orders coming from Switzerland, we have the same rules, but you start paying from 30 days after receiving our automatic mail of "in preparation" .


For any kind of information about products, delivery times, payments methods, customized products, you can contact us by phone at +39 0577922921, or by e-mail [email protected] or through our page CONTACTS.