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Sofas for dogs and cats: the Dog Sofa

A pet is, to all intents and purposes, a member of the family. Whether it's a dog or a cat, all owners, rigid at first, soften up and give in to the sweetness of the Pet. And so the loving four-legged furry friends begin to be pampered and spoiled like children. A conquest that takes hold little by little. Saying no to their languid looks becomes virtually impossible! Giving them their own personal space is important. That's why we have a cat and dog couch category on our website. An extra cuddle, without renouncing to the style and design of your home.

Dog Sofa: the best of sofas for dogs and cats

Giving your four-legged pets a space to rest and relax is a must. We have decided to offer you only one sofa for dogs and cats. The best on the market. Handcrafted with patience and skill, it is completely removable and easy to clean. Thanks to the production materials, all rigorously tested and certified, hygiene and practicality are guaranteed! There is a wide range of colours available to best suit the interior of your home or, why not, your office! The main cover is in faux leather, to give style and class to the room or lounge. After a walk in the park, it is the perfect place to regenerate, regain strength and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

The characteristics of the Dog & Cat Sofa

Sofas for dogs and cats are nowadays real pieces of furniture. Attention to detail is verified as if they were products intended for us humans. Dog & Cat Sofa is a really comfortable, quality and design sofa for your four-legged friends. It is available in 13 different colours. The frame is made of chrome-plated or lacquered steel. The style is unique: elegant, refined and modern. It lends itself well to any type of environment and style. The cushions are made of rubber and then covered in eco-leather. They have completely removable covers to make cleaning and hygiene easier.

Thinking of everyone is the task of kasa-store

Our mission is to transmit the value of beauty, design, quality and functionality. Not only for us human beings, but also for our faithful four-legged friends, who fill our days with joy. Every single product in the catalogue has been selected with care and professionalism because we want to be a reference point for the national market. We select every single piece of furniture with care and precision: from tables to chairs, to sofas and armchairs. We want all our customers to be satisfied. We ensure fast and quick delivery times, always traceable and guaranteed. Plus the best quality on the market today. We don't just cater for you, but also for pets. Proof of this is the section dedicated to sofas for dogs and cats. If you have any questions or doubts, we are always at your disposal, either via chat directly on the site, or in one of the options in the Contact Us section. We are waiting for you!

Do you remember the first time we met? I was a little ball of fur and I was frightened. I immediately conquered your heart. Now you are my best friend and I will always be faithful to you  lying on a Safa Dog & Cat. Dog & cat sofas are handmade sofas and have been formulated for  your friends with 4 legs. Our dog & cat sofas are wonderful piece of furniture, the sofas are realized with high-quality materials and can be personalized to be placed verywhere. They are easy-to-clean and the fabric is removable,  these features make Dog & Cats comfortable and hygienic sofas, perfect  to wait the owner or, sorry, the best friend. The sofas are available in different colors and are made of ecoleather to furnish your house adding a touch of class. The comfort for our friends is never enough.