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Karman lighting for interiors and exteriors. The Karman company is an Italian company that produces fantastic lighting fixtures built with materials such as resin, ceramic and metal. The modern style and design practically lets you dream of luxurious environments decorated by Interior Designers in the sector. The attention to detail and the extravagance of the products recall futuristic environments and truly project us from a parallel world. Karman is synonymous with quality and very high design and you can find in our catalog beautiful items obviously Made in Italy

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Karman is the dream and the unreal of ceramic lighting

All your rooms can be decorated with amusing Fallow Deer or Fish-shaped appliques to recreate natural locations furnished with great taste

They distinguish themselves from all other companies for their ability to produce out-of-the-line items that can be placed in any structure such as apartments , restaurants or hotels to welcome friends or customers in an original way and amaze them with the Italian know-how that is still present today. source of ideas for many foreign architects . The prominent materials are ceramic and fiberglass all completely worked and painted by hand or the Metallic Wire where very minimal shapes and structures are created but with a unique visual impact. So don't miss the chance to find out what our Artisans are capable of

Karman indoor lighting and outdoor lighting

Karman and its chandeliers are born from projects by famous unique and irreverent designers who amaze us every day with products such as Ugo Rilla , Amsterdam , Ti Vedo and Corrado which are just a taste of their design . Interior lighting is essential to create comfortable and elegant atmospheres but sometimes we want to go out of line by decorating and illuminating our spaces with extravagant lighting in line with our style. Modern lamps highlight environments by illuminating them with direct light or diffused light, creating a more or less soft atmosphere. Karman has a wide range of modern lamps and or classic lamps such as: pendant chandeliers , wall sconces , floor lamps , all designer lamps with beautiful aesthetics and quality. The material that Karman lamps is ceramic which makes the products much more beautiful as they are made and decorated by hand . In our online catalog you will find all their collections, and among these also lighting with energy- saving LED lamps . Interior lighting is like the icing on the cake that must go to refine all the furnishings that we have placed before and be in line with colors and designs. It helps to create a relaxing atmosphere at home or in the office , and shouldn't strain the eyes but have the right tone of light for your needs. There are many and all different indoor lamp models, but Karman also has a wide range of outdoor products available such as: Bacco , Tobia and many others to make your outdoor space much more refined and elegant with decorative lighting . Suspension chandeliers, desk and wall lamps are the must of Karman and you will find all their news. Modern design lamps take up the trends that the market requires today and they are able to satisfy any need because they adapt to both classic contexts. All products are made with innovative and eco-sustainable materials because they are very attentive to everything the green world embraces. Buy lighting now to get the best the Italian market and know-how can offer