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Extendable Consoles: to manage the guests in the best way

Why buying a bigger table if most of time you are four people at home? Because cutting space to the room by risking to ruin the furniture and style choosen? They exist some practical solutions, functional and, especially, of design to avoid these problems. There are the extendable consoles. Useful decorations to decorate small spaces, but at the same time the opportunity to accomodate also fifteen persons. Fourty-five centimeters which will be transformed in three metres. A really perfect solution for whom don't want to renounce to design and to the company.

The main characteristics of extendable consoles

The materials of the extendable consoles are the most varied. But they have a common factor: the quality. If it is wood, metal or glass, it concerns surely of the best finish. With simple systems, but sophisticated, you could prepare a big table in a few steps. The metal mechanisms are guaranteed for long lasting of our products. Furthermore, since we believe in the potential and professionalism of the italian craftsman, we work exclusively to national products. We believe firmly in Made in Italy and we show it with our choices. To have an extendable console at home, it means to be able to accomodate many friends and relatives without any problem. It means to pass time of quality with the people we care most.

Some examples of extendable console of design

With the wooden structure and the metal frame, Magic Junior is a classic and elegant console. Perfect for whom don't want to renounce to a warm piece as the dark oak. The extensions of this wonderful piece are external, simple and quick to install.

Wooden legs and laminate top. White, simple, but elegant. It's Paolina. The perfect console for elegant or shabby chis spaces. You can decide for the extendable version, or the fixed one. Minimal and space-saving. Rigid lines and shapes, essential, thin. We are speaking about Inside. An extendable console that it is suitable for every space. You can buy without doubts any style your home has.

Not only extendable, but also fixed and with a decorative soul

Choosing to have a console, it doesn't mean necessarily to want an extendable table when needed. For this reason they exist console of design but which are fixed. An example is Nancy. Signed by Tomasucci, it is a combination between wood, metal and glass. A refined design, but at the same time fresh and modern. It is perfect to be placed in a entrance, in a living room or in a hall.

Experience and cordiality for beauty and design

Kasa-store is the place where to buy with confidence the proposed products. The members of our team praise many years of experience in the field. They are always available to reply to every question, doubt or need. We believe in the beauty of appearance, of design and the style. We love our job and for this we concentrate our researches only through serious and reliable producers. We check that all decorations respect the existing rules and they are in line with the higher qualitative standards.