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Outdoor furniture: the pleasure of enjoying the summer

With the arrival of warm weather, spending your free time outdoors is a real panacea. It is well known how to experience moments of tranquility and harmony in contact with nature, promoting good humor and physical well-being. Whether it's Sunday lunch, a dinner, an afternoon with friends or just a day of rest, it doesn't matter. With the right complement you will experience moments of pure relaxation. The outdoor furniture on our site guarantees the highest quality and durability over time. The materials used in the production of tables, chairs, armchairs, beds, deckchairs and benches have been designed to withstand wear and tear due to weather events. And so the kasa-store philosophy is also reflected in outdoor furniture. In our products you will find the combination comfort and design. Quality and style.

Private home and professional space: choose the right outdoor furniture

On our site you can choose between many and different furnishing accessories for outdoor environments. We offer solutions for both private and family use, as well as for professional and commercial use. Models and styles are multiple, united by aesthetic beauty and certified quality of materials. Even the dimensions vary, so as to be able to furnish both a modest balcony and a garden with a swimming pool or a large terrace.

To each his own: choose the best outdoor furniture for you

For those who do not have a large space available or simply prefers something practical and not too bulky, the mini sack chair is ideal. Simple, modern, fresh and colorful. Entirely in weatherproof nylon, it can be purchased in one of the 9 colors available. It is a very useful complement for those with children. It is completely removable and hand washable. Fabric and stitching meet the highest quality standards ensuring safety and comfort.
Comfortable, modern, design and perfect for both outdoor and indoor. It's called Denise and it's a polypropylene chair. Attention to detail, it is available in many different colors. In this way you will revive the fun summer days. You can invite friends, relatives and family to spend nice moments together, around a laid table or simply for a chat, a coffee, a board game.
Tomasucci has also thought about outdoor furniture. Don't give up style and design for your balcony or terrace. Mia is a modern and linear chair in transparent polycarbonate. Thanks to its technical characteristics, it can be used indoors as dining rooms and offices, but also outdoors, in the garden or on the balcony.

Aesthetics, quality, comfort. Why choose kasa-store

The products in our catalog are style and design icons. Our experts love beauty and quality. And they want the best even for all kasa-store users. The outdoor furniture, as well as the indoor one, meets all the highest quality standards. The materials used in their production are checked and verified in order to guarantee safety, comfort, style and beauty.