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Outdoor Sofas and Armchairs

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Outdoor sofas and armchairs: for relaxation in contact with nature

Enjoying the fresh air, the sounds of nature and the surrounding landscape is priceless. Even better if you do it comfortably lying down or sitting on outdoor sofas and armchairs. In your own garden, in the outdoor space of a hotel, a residence, a wellness center or a bar it does not matter. Alone or with the right company, the combination of relaxation and comfort in an outdoor setting is absolutely winning. But which model to buy? Is it better to prefer aesthetics and design, or comfort? Choosing the outdoor sofas and armchairs on kasa-store you won't have to give up either one aspect or the other. Our outdoor furniture is of high quality and made with materials that are resistant to temperature changes, excess heat, cold and atmospheric agents.

Style and design. Comfort and quality. Here are the outdoor sofas and armchairs

Our team of experts works every day to offer you the best. Only when someone is passionate about beauty and quality is he driven by the desire to spread and advise the most suitable furnishing accessories in the best possible way. Our professionals, after years of experience in the field, will advise you on the choices to be made to make your outdoor environment magical. Be it a balcony, a private terrace or garden, rather than a public or commercial outdoor location. Style, elegance and refinement will be the protagonists of your areas.

Many models of outdoor sofas and armchairs

Stackable, entirely in polypropylene, design and comfortable. It's called Urban and is one of the most practical outdoor armchairs ever. The simple lines give it a timeless look, easily adaptable to all types of furniture. It is available in three different color finishes to give everyone comfortable moments of relaxation. Elegant, refined and comfortable. Let yourself be pampered by Orient, one of the outdoor armchairs queens of outdoor spaces. Thanks to the aluminum structure and the polyester resin shell, it is one of the most weather-resistant. It is perfect for large balconies and terraces, for gardens and pools. The cushions are included in the purchase package. Easy to combine with a second armchair at a table or even a small sofa, don't let it get away.

When the sofa is contemporary, design and comfortable

For lovers of design, fashion and contemporary style, we offer a very special outdoor sofa. His name is Bob, he has a tubular aluminum structure and a polyethylene shell. It looks like a unique piece, beautiful to look at, comfortable to sit and rest. There are two color finishes available: red, for those who love being eccentric, black, for those who don't want to dare. A practical, functional and certainly stylish solution! If you prefer benches, without backrests, instead, you can opt for Boomerang. An original outdoor sofa, with sinuous and harmonious lines. Made of polyethylene, it can be positioned both outdoors and indoors. There are three color finishes available: white, gray and red. A real timeless style icons!