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Industrial-vintage benches: the perfect combination of elegance and comfort

Some believe that the benches have only one purpose: the classic one, for which they were originally designed. In reality these pieces of furniture are much more versatile than you think, and can be used both to sit down and to embellish and enhance a room. In addition, there are some models used as boxes, in the sense that under the seat there is a compartment that will house everything you want - from magazines to cushions, from blankets to toys. A bench is therefore also useful from this point of view, and allows you to optimize space and keep the rooms of your home tidy. If you live in a rustic home, an excellent option is industrial-vintage benches. These combine wood with metal, two apparently opposing materials that blend very well with each other: on the one hand we have the natural delicacy of retro surfaces, on the other the decisive and geometric shapes of industrial accessories. The result is unique products, with a romantic and suggestive design, which you can place in all the rooms of your home. The reference to tradition and the past is evident; at the same time, however, a multifunctionality that is nothing short of modern is adopted!

Description and structure of the industrial-vintage benches

The articles that fall into this group are endowed with sober and reassuring lines, which make the mind run by intimate and family contexts. Both the finishes and the colors, which are always clear and bright, contribute to this result. Benches of this type were used, for example, in ancient bedrooms, in country houses, in the picturesque huts of the past. The charm of past centuries is recreated through meticulous manufacturing processes, with which ad hoc aged coatings are obtained - an essential feature of the purest vintage style. Agora Mobili proposes the Chemin bench-box, which looks like a real antique object due to the specially scuffed corners, the front writing that stands out against white, the cushion with frayed edges. The Safari model, on the other hand, is more inspired by the industrial trend: this is demonstrated by its peculiar structure, which is very reminiscent of that of the cabinets of old factories.

Benches for garden and living area

A separate category is made up of the wooden benches that can be purchased on Agora Mobili: products that could be considered rudimentary to inexperienced eyes, but which hide an extraordinarily high attention to detail. Complements such as the Roots 200 and 110 benches evoke the naturalness and solidity of tree trunks, and will give your garden the typical atmosphere of the most luxuriant forest. However, you don't have to worry if you don't have an open-air space available: these design items are also perfect for interiors, for example to set up an original and unmistakable living room. Vintage reaches a new frontier with these benches. Resistant and robust surfaces, characterized by the wonderful shades of wood, capable of blending in an exceptional way with all rustic and retro environments.

The practical and aesthetic potential of wood and iron

To conclude, a small parenthesis on materials: wood and metal are an authentic guarantee of longevity, and their beauty is one of the factors that have sanctioned the fortune of industrial-vintage furnishings. Even if modified to take on an aged appearance, these coatings are not affected by wear and will last over time without getting damaged. They are a source of comfort, warmth and convenience, and are extremely elegant in their simplicity. The practical advantages, therefore, go hand in hand with the aesthetic ones in the industrial-vintage accessories - including benches and benches!