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A dream comes true, sleep with your superhero

Fight alongside your cartoon myth during your dreams in our super loungers

Pajamas from around the world: unite and conquer our homes! Take possession of those spaces where there was nothing before, only drying racks to hang the laundry, boxes still forgotten there in the corner, entire extra rooms used as a second closet, rooms left to their fate because we are not yet sure what the their real destination, because one day we think of them as studies, one day as a guest room, one day instead comes the desire to become parents ...

And it happens that you really become parents and then the real journey begins to discover an enchanted world, colorful and sweet, full of daydreams, monsters that pop up from under the bed, fairies that steal your teeth from under your pillow, colorful curtains and games scattered on the carpet, beds in the shape of a Cinderella's carriage or super-fast cars that will make your children run with their imagination, far away to wonderful places that, if we concentrate a little, we can remember them too great!

How to think of a perfect furniture for your children? Simple! With us! Kasa-Store has a very long and full experience with these special and so demanding customers! Children are the engine of a house, the reason why we often can't bear their disorder but without which we would not be able to live! So why settle for bland, bare rooms, perhaps without colors and liveliness?

We have in store for you everything that we can consider a perfect childproof furniture! Pirates, pilots, princes and princesses, mechanics or sweet fairies who dream of the most beautiful world in the world! And so, together with our furnishing ideas, the extra room that previously did not have a name and a why, today is full of all those objects that accompany your children in the most beautiful and carefree years of their entire life! Take a tour of our site, click on all the products that seem most in tune with what your children would like to experience every day within their small walls and let yourself be inspired by all our ideas! You will see, you will not regret it!