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Definite and minimal lines for this almost Swedish design selection

Give light and definition to your furniture with Nordic style products

Have you always liked to imagine your life among snow-capped peaks, steaming cups of hot chocolate in front of a window, with a breathtaking view behind the glass, perhaps between fjords and green meadows as far as the eye can see? Do you love wood, its scent and all its warm veins so much? That pattern so reassuring that it tastes of home, of nature, and that reminds you of those Sundays in the chalet between a ski slope and a walk among the trees, to breathe that clean air that filters through the branches of tall fir trees, on the top of your favorite mountain? If this is the mood that pervades your most hidden furnishing fantasies, know that we understand you very well, it is impossible not to be imprisoned by so much beauty when you think of houses, those all wood, wool everywhere and crackling fireplaces. And if you live by the sea and all this we are talking about and which is a dream for your wishes of an out of the ordinary house, you don't even see a shadow of it for most of the year, as they say. : "If you don't go to the mountains, then it's the mountain that comes to you!" (more or less..).

We at Kasa-Store really want to fulfill all your wishes, and therefore we try to bring you the most Nordic in the world, all those little details that make your environment a space where you can free your imagination, your desires, your dreams. of a dream home, where only what you want to command exists to give shape to the most beautiful house you could ever think of having! And here a whole world materializes for you that has wood as its lowest common denominator, that material that has always existed before us, as ancient as the very concept of "home" is. This section that we have designed and designed for you is made specifically so as not to give up that touch of warmth and minimal design that only a style like the Nordic one can give you!

We have thought of a selection of tables, chairs, stools and furniture for the room that go perfectly with an idea that is clean, simple and free from decorations, designs, patterns and bright colors: the essential design of the Nordic style is the most basic. exists, because it marries a concept of maximum use of space in minimal parts of space, with light furniture, with a structure that is mostly made of wood, that balance between form and functionality that does not go unnoticed even for the most traditionalist of traditionalists, who do not break free from an idea of classic furniture where heavy and bulky furniture is still a staple for your home decor.

The kasa-Store ideas are not finished yet, we have not run out of batteries yet: we always say that ours is not a job but a mission to be carried out to ensure that no one feels excluded in our life project which is that to make your dreams into real furnishing ideas to realize, take you home and finally make you happy, specifically perhaps placing that steaming cup of hot chocolate on a beautiful wooden table, dreaming of being up there among the snowy peaks in the north of all your best dreams.