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Dressing table suitable for princesses and entertainers

A multipurpose piece of furniture both to contain jewels and to make up and make yourself beautiful

Like princesses , queens of baroque charm : you all deserve a corner of your home that represents you. A space dedicated to taking care of yourself , suitable for every style, ranging with models for furnishing rooms in a Scandinavian or contemporary style. Useful and functional, thanks to a large illuminated mirror to better illuminate your make-up , it will also contain all your jewels and accessories in the glove compartment , such as bracelets , rings , earrings and face creams . Placed in the bedroom , the dressing table is a timeless piece of furniture suitable for the female universe , it will be able to decorate and amaze. Combined with a pretty ornament or a table lamp , it will be your favorite space to take care of yourself .

Buy it for sensations of well-being and relaxation

A small piece of furniture with a great visual impact. Imagine you are a Hollywood diva and get ready for the premiere of your film where you can decide how to make up for the evening . Your beauty corner where you can tidy up all the beauty products and make-up you need to shine, all while saving space in the bathroom . The light of a large window, a hairbrush that smoothes your hairstyle and lots of romance , this is the right recipe for having a dressing table and standing out from those who do their make-up in a hurry. All this because in that moment stress leaves you making time stop to carve out a slice of the day for face and hair care

Some notions to choose the right one

It is usually placed in the bedroom. More or less large, it must not be exaggeratedly disproportionate to the spaces. You can choose the modern dressing table to break the classic lines of your bedroom. The most popular is the vintage dressing table that recalls our grandmothers as they combed their hair before going to bed. In this there are many storage compartments and it is usually made of solid wood with a large mirror illuminated by visible lamps, it will blend in with the rest of the vintage or industrial furniture . Just add a perfume with a pear sprayer to create a Bohemian atmosphere and to enhance it you can still add: jewelery boxes , combs , colored vases . The warm colors of the wood mixed with white veins remind us of the shabby chic style to give color and lightness to your room. Kasa-store offers a wide range of products offered to meet your needs always with attention to sustainability and respect for the planet because they are made with recycled wood

Toiletries and their evolution

Over the years, dressing tables have been revisited in a modern key to match even more contemporary environments, their structure has been streamlined to adapt to small living spaces , while maintaining their function as a container for small objects . Even if revised, it still remains an extremely functional and interesting product. A timeless complement for the joy of those who love themselves and want to feel loved. Dressing tables have lost their importance in the sleeping area over time. We at kasa-store know that putting on make-up in the bathroom is quicker and more expeditious, but surely if you stop and sit down and take some time, you will realize that all this was not only allowed to Marilyn Monroe , but also to you who you are no less. However, the most careful research of design furniture has led to the rebirth and use of this furniture, offering it in all styles, materials and colours.

The dressing table and its secret compartments

This piece of furniture will be part of your intimacy and femininity , where you can keep all your jewels to spend gala evenings such as opera or theater . The protagonist of the furniture that you will not be able to do without its presence and its functionality. Browse our catalog to find your relaxation companion and combine it with double beds , armchairs , bedside tables and many other details such as ornaments and decorated vases