Arti e Mestieri

Arti e Mestieri wall clocks, table clocks, pendulum clocks and everything related to the furnishing accessories that will refine your spaces such as the living room, office, shop and apartment such as coat hangers, consoles and many other items that will give a imprint of high design. Made entirely in Italy, they are really well cared for and designed for a long life. Our intention and mission is always to offer new items that are qualitatively excellent and not the usual objects that you can find in large retailers and can give a sense of Italian know-how by appreciating the manual skills of our craftsmen

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Arti e mestieri Industry leader in wall and table clocks

The synonym and combination of design and quality is contained in the experience and ability to produce increasingly beautiful and luxurious items

Arti & Mestieri has been meeting for over forty years, creative expression, technical and manual ability and the Arti e Mestieri creations are born from their meeting. A linear and sophisticated process that accompanies the creation of metal objects with essential profiles and light shapes, the result of research and design work done exclusively in Italy . Beauty and functionality, the two poles that give life to each piece. Two elements that are sometimes opposite but can be reconciled thanks to that mix of style and technical ability that constitutes the distinctive trait of our brand. The creative process instead draws on often unexpected places. The creativity of Massimo Tani , custodian of the creative spirit that has animated Arti e Mestieri for years, feeds on playful, sometimes unsettling atmospheres and details. Next to him Francesco Adriano Pizzi , who for over twenty years has brought his own point of view to the design of each piece, adding a personal and refined vision to each collection. All of this takes shape thanks to a single material: iron. Essential but resistant, the iron is laser cut and mixes with color to give a light and contemporary mood , capable of surprising every time. The genesis and creation of an object are never the same, each piece comes from a different story, from the desire to tell worlds and dreams through shapes. And, above all, from the desire to add something more to what is useful. This is Arti e Mestieri .

Arti & Mestieri wall clocks

Arti & Mestieri watches have always been companions of everyday life. They mark the time and furnish the walls of the house in an elegant way. Laser-cut clocks in the most varied shapes such as cat -shaped or cloud-shaped designed by famous designers have become alternative, elegant, sophisticated and original products, real works of art that will decorate your walls. Arti & Mestieri produces special wall and table clocks . These are different models in terms of shapes and sizes, which can find space in the living context or that of your office . All those looking for a wall or table clock to enrich and give a touch of personal style to the home or work environment can find it in our catalogue.

Arti & Mestieri table clocks

These furnishing accessories lend themselves as real works of art. Any domestic environment can be furnished and enriched by a table clock , which cheers, enlivens and gives that extra touch of style that was needed to make your living room with attention to every detail. You can find many such as: the Circeo or the Mamma Gatta to give a nice and Italian quality tone. Their presence is felt in a decisive way, they are modern objects with a strong personality which, by themselves, fill the spaces. Everyone chooses what they want to personalize their spaces and which resemble their artistic style.

Arti & Mestieri designer watches

An elegance and a style that only Arti & Mestieri can communicate, thanks to their know-how they have managed to create very modern but also vintage and classic laser-cut watches . Italian design also comes from the working experience of each individual craftsman who works every day to make wall clocks, table clocks and design clocks using metalworking techniques. An ancient craft that has been handed down for years to furnish your home with exclusive and very impactful products