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Outdoor applique

Kasa-Store high design outdoor wall lamps

Some of you may have wondered where to mount an outdoor wall light ? The first useful tip is above the entrance door or behind the terrace door . If you want to be safer, you can plan to wear two. Wall lamps or outdoor sconces are also recommended on the wall of the house to illuminate the path of your garden . This type of lamp is installed everywhere such as: balcony , on the garden house , behind a staircase and many other environments. For all this, and much more, there are outdoor appliques.

Kasa-Store a wide selection of outdoor wall lamps to decorate the outdoors

We have selected the best brands to give you a wide choice of lamps so that you can illuminate but also decorate your outdoor spaces in the best possible way. If you want you can decide whether to use LED lighting or halogen lighting . They are both effective, but LED lamps consume 60% less electricity than halogen lamps and 90% less than incandescent lamps . The LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours of operation, while the halogen bulbs only 4,000. If we want to talk about home decor , we can recommend vintage outdoor lamps for stylish environments , or modern chrome lamps for modern environments such as swimming pools , restaurants and hotels .

How do I choose an outdoor wall light?

We all know that a lamp mounted outdoors must be made with materials and protection suitable for the elements . In winter , it will be exposed to snow , ice , cold and other adverse weather conditions. Also not to be underestimated are sudden changes in temperature such as heat or heavy rain . The protection to choose is IP44 or IP65 because it depends on the place where it is installed and the atmospheric agents to which it is exposed. Precisely for this reason, it is not possible to give an indication of the degree of protection, but it will have to be decided from time to time. The abbreviation IP44 refers to protection against foreign objects . While IP65 is about protection from humidity .

High design outdoor wall light

Many of the lamps that we offer you are truly beautiful and have a great visual impact. The selection of our lamps will allow you to illuminate any outdoor environment giving it a sense of welcome and refinement in the materials. Design lamps made by well-known brands such as Fatboy , Slide , Emu , Varaschin and many others, which every day thanks to famous designers give life to new generation lighting fixtures , made with recycled materials in respect of nature . Unusual colors and shapes available to light up your garden or your nightclub such as a pub or disco