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Target Point

Target Point is a company that works to improve the quality of domestic life, taking care of both the aesthetic and functional aspects, maintaining an affordable price for the medium segment, with the aim of representing a valid brand alternative in the panorama of companies in the sector.

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Welcome to the Target Point , welcome to your home

There is no single ideal home, precisely because of the very concept we attribute to the word home: a refuge, a fortress, a nest, a paradise, a museum.
The home becomes the practical expression of those who live it and Target Point has made this its motto.
This is why our products meet very specific standards: pleasant design must be combined with the functionality and comfort of practicality at an affordable price.
Through an offer that is always updated in terms of trends and the continuous search for high quality, we want to offer you the experience of living well in the best place in the world, your home. Without any compromise.
Each environment acquires its perfect dimension where the individual elements embellish the whole. In the living area our tables are combined with chairs, stools, armchairs and sideboards, created to give a sense of completeness and harmony. In the sleeping area, beds, bedside tables and armchairs create a whole that makes you dream!