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Lighting in general. Born in 1971 Giovanbattista Strano his founder gets married and as he furnishes his apartment he realizes how expensive the lighting is. Then contact some Murano glassworks and a blacksmith to make the chandeliers he had seen. In a short time he was able to develop various models of lamps and chandeliers at a very competitive price. In doing so, it manages to create a system that satisfies the market in terms of quality and price service. In 1974 a real consolidation took place and the company was born . The mission of IDEAL LUX is to meet the needs of their customers with prices accessible to all portfolios.

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Leading company in the research and production of lighting fixtures

Ideal Lux was born in 1987 as a lighting manufacturing company. Over the years, to follow the market trend, he moves abroad to produce and import products with a refined design with Made in Italy designs but with prices suitable for all portfolios, always guaranteeing quality and compliance with European standards and certifications.
The materials used and the finishes are constantly checked and monitored by specialized personnel. The 24% lead used for the crystals make them very similar to the Swarovsky in terms of brightness and light reflection on them. So both spotlights, chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights and all of its items are sparkling with design and technology thanks to the LED light.
An excellent partner especially for its continuous availability of products in stock respecting deliveries. In doing so, it develops items such as ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall lamps, wall lights, recessed spotlights, LED lighting and chandeliers.