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Ideal Lux lighting in general. Born in 1971, its founder Giovanbattista Strano got married and while decorating his apartment he realized how expensive lighting is. So he contacted some Murano glass factories and a blacksmith to make the very chandeliers he had seen. In a short time he manages to develop various models of Lamps and Chandeliers at a very competitive price. In doing so, he manages to create a system that satisfies the market in terms of service, quality and price. In 1974 a real or proper consolidation took place and the company was born . The mission of IDEAL LUX is to satisfy the needs of their customers with prices accessible to all wallets.

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Ideal Lux projects high quality light

Leading company in the research and production of lighting fixtures

Ideal Lux was founded in 1987 as a lighting manufacturer. Over the years, to follow the market trend, it moved abroad to produce and import products with a sophisticated design with Made in Italy designs but with prices suitable for all wallets, always guaranteeing quality and compliance with European standards and certifications.
The materials used and the finishes are constantly checked and monitored by specialized personnel. The 24% lead used for the crystals make them very similar to Swarovsky for shine and reflection of light on them. So both Spotlights, Chandeliers , Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lights and all its articles are full of Design and technology thanks to Led Light .
An excellent partner especially for its continuous availability of products in the warehouse respecting deliveries. In doing so it develops articles such as ceiling lights, floor lamps , wall lamps, sconces , recessed spotlights , LED lighting and chandeliers .

If you want to light up your spaces by creating a magical atmosphere, rely on Ideal Lux products

Their lighting fixtures are at the forefront both in terms of design and quality and have conquered the market because they are treated in detail, being practical and functional. In line with lighting trends and design, Ideal Lux has a wide range of products ranging from modern minimalist style chandeliers to classics for those who love timeless style. Their creations are born from elements such as blown glass , crystal , metals and fabrics . The Ideal Lux catalog ranges from classic to modern decorative to garden lighting to technical lighting, responding to every need with quality chandeliers

Ideal Lux chandeliers Interior lighting

The vast selection of Ideal Lux chandeliers for interior lighting allows you to always find the ideal element for every need and for every type of furniture. Often, when choosing light points, we end up preferring functionality over elegance, or vice versa, paying particular attention to design by penalizing brightness. Let's remember that the interior of our home is the place where we relax and spend evenings in the company of friends. For this reason, light and lighting also play a fundamental role, and every environment needs a balance between functionality and design. Ideal-Lux chandeliers allow you to find that perfect balance, capable of transforming any place and making it more beautiful. The Ideal Lux interior lighting catalog allows you to furnish any environment, with modern , classic or tech solutions, and with elements suspension , wall , built - in , ceiling , floor and table . Every corner of the house will find its right lighting, for a diffused light or a direct luminous flux, to give every room the right atmosphere and enhance the furnishing components or the architectural details of the room.

Ideal Lux Catalog for outdoor lighting

Garden, balcony or terrace are important spaces that no one wants to give up the pleasure of living in. Gathering on summer evenings for a barbecue with friends or enjoying a moment of relaxation with family on the lawn are all things we do in the outdoor space which is designed with the best elements for Outdoor Lighting . The Ideal-Lux catalog includes a vast selection of products to give the right brightness to the outdoor space. For Terrace and Balcony Lighting it is possible to find spotlights , appliques , ceiling lights , lanterns and path markers , while to create a more romantic situation you can find Gazebo lighting and outdoor suspension lamps . Enhancing open spaces, creating soft and very lounge garden lighting, helps to enhance the entire area and the choice of quality furnishing accessories, such as those offered by Ideal Lux, always ensures a perfect result between elegance and functionality, both in environments with a classic style and in modern and minimal outdoor spaces.