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Interior furnishings in wood. L.Ercolani is a design company that dates back to 1920. Founded by the very Italian Lucian Ercolani, the company rose to prominence in post-war Britain, marking a fundamental chapter in the history of mid-century design. Ercolani established his business in the heart of High Wycombe, where he successfully industrialized the production of the Windsor chair. Today, Lucian Ercolani is fondly remembered for his craft. His projects in contemporary society cultivate yet another insight into the world of mid-century modernism. Currently, L.Ercolani upholds the legacy by celebrating the timeless appeal of classic mid-century design. A truly well-finished product that brings us back to the knowledge and artisan know-how that the company communicates precisely with the design of their articles made largely of ash wood

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The chair in all its naturalness made by master craftsmen in the sector

An all-round manufacturer of wooden chairs, tables and armchairs with a vintage design mixed with an unmistakable artisan style

There are three mottos used for the company's mission, namely: pure, effortless, timeless. Rooted in a century of design and craftsmanship heritage, L.Ercolani continues to express these values through emphatic design, suitable for both classic and modern environments. Drawing on 100 years of craftsmanship, L.Ercolani collaborates with global talents such as Norm Architects, Atlason Studio, Jonas Wagell, Lars Beller Fjetland, Tomoko Azumi and Matthew Hilton. Working with a group of international designers he seeks to emphasize classic mid-century design. The unmistakable style of the company is recognizable by the straightforward and no-frills design dictated by the desire to produce very minimal items with great qualitative and structural features