Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Mirrors. Established company in the import of Furnishing Complements, confirms itself on the market by creating an innovative and patented product. Its name Stones derives from Stone and it is precisely the material used for most of its products that are made in Italy in the complex production process that involves the processing of this material The drawings of the items in their catalog are made by Architects and Designers Italians always in step with the trends of the moment. Tables, chairs and mirrors are the workhorse, but even more oil fireplaces

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Stones , stone furnishing accessories and many other goodies in our catalog

A new idea of complements made with Fossil Stone such as Coffee Tables etc

Stones tables

Many of our customers buy these products because they are made with sophisticated and innovative materials. The Italian designers who design the models are very established in the sector and manage to give life to everything that is designed. Stones is well known by those in the sector as a leader in the furniture sector because in addition to lighting , accessories and other objects for the home , they are also resellers of carpets and oil fireplaces . Strengthened by their experience, they are now appreciated by all our customers because the new products they offer are always original and with prices accessible to all. Discover their products and you will be thrilled

Stones chairs

The timeless elegance of the Stones dining room chairs, elegant and essential, are a very popular variant when it comes to furnishing the living room. Ideal next to a glass and metal table , or in a modern kitchen. The chairs can be upholstered in leather , imitation leather or fabric : three very similar materials which color rendering finalize your furnishings with prestige. Thanks to a minimal design they are able to illuminate the environment because a modern upholstered chair can adapt to any style such as for example in a living room with a Nordic flavor if with a natural wood or solid wood structure, in an industrial context such as an office if with legs metallic black or chrome . Stones aware of this stylistic versatility have chosen to design new collections with a varied selection, from traditional models with wooden structure and upholstered seat, to design chairs with metal tubes and rounded backs. Stones also has colorful modern chairs to furnish your living room while respecting its design and different finishes. Upholstered in leather or fabric , the models in their range offer a high level of quality, with a variety of colors to choose from to give your home the desire to live it. From the ultra-modern atmospheres of black to the timeless grays, passing through the contemporary tones of blue, green, red and all their different shades, finding the perfect match to the surrounding environment will be simple and rewarding

Stones living room tables

The choice of the coffee table is a question of style and character Tall or short , large or small , narrow or wide , single , in pairs or in tris, lateral or protagonists of the center of the room , embellished with quality materials and finishes such as the fossil stone that is used for wood cladding. Stones has modern coffee tables or those inspired by a more traditional design , the models they offer represent the classics of furniture : rectangular , square , round or shaped tables take advantage of a unique and exclusive design that will fully furnish your living area, both in front of the sofa and next to a reading chair. Metal coffee tables can become an indispensable piece of furniture for your living room. In particular, those characterized by a harmonious and inviting design that can be placed in modern or chic environments, vice versa structures with sinuous shapes in natural stone are suitable for classic living rooms and more formal environments. There are also small tables with a chrome or wrought iron finish due to the versatility of the metal and its surprising aesthetic result. We have Stones as a partner because their products are of incredible durability over time and due to the processes and applications, the rocky materials the coffee tables with unusual and rounded shapes. The irreverent design of the metal models will make your spaces full of charm and elegance to welcome friends or clients if you place them in your office or technical studio