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The bed for your princess: a dream that comes true

Little girls love to dream, with both eyes closed and open. A child who trusts in fantasy can do practically anything: dance in illuminated halls to the rhythm of fairy tale melodies, be the queen of the woods and ice, climb high mountains, sing and talk to animals.

Imagination is the real protagonist during childhood. A precious ally of happiness, thanks to which the little ones can become the protagonists of their personal fairy tale and live unforgettable adventures without leaving their own room. This is why we at kasa-store have selected the best baby beds, a wonderful gift for the princess of your heart!

Safety first of all

A fundamental requirement, always respected by our articles, is safety. A child's bed must be sturdy and durable: only the best materials on the market are used, non-toxic and ecological, which will promote the health of your daughter's back even over the years.

Whether they are bunk or canopy, in single bed or queen size the beds offered on kasa-store are synonymous with well-being. Not only physical wellbeing, thanks to the resistant structure and the ergonomic mattress, but also psychological, since the child will feel like a queen and will entrust herself to the arms of Morpheus with a heart full of joy.

Colorful, very sweet, comfortable, with attention to the smallest details. So are the beds for girls that we offer, which will welcome your little ones in a warm and soft hug.. Impossible not to have wonderful dreams in such a comfortable, soft, magical bed.

Disney-inspired beds for little dreamers

A riot of tenderness, beauty and functionality. A baby bed of this type cannot be described in any other way, which allows you to customize themed bedrooms with fairytale finishes and bright shades.

Choosing will be really difficult, because the models are so many and all fantastic. Your daughter will be breathless in front of one of these Disney princess beds, designed to combine recreation and education according to the Montessori method. You certainly know what the little girl's favorite protagonist is: is it Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa from Frozen? Whatever the answer, you will find the bed dedicated to the princess you want!

Fairytale products for romantic girls, designed to stimulate creativity, curiosity and imagination. The beds of kasa-store are built mainly in wood with metal details, a guarantee of solidity and longevity. Just what you need to give the rooms a pinch of charm and a magical touch in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Animal-shaped beds: ideal for girls who love nature

Princess bedrooms don't have to include a Disney-inspired bed - how about an animal-shaped design, perhaps a sweet kitten, a smiling bunny or a brave lion? Fun solutions, perfect for a little girl who loves the sounds, sceneries and scents of nature.

These beds encourage interest in the outside world, they are completely safe and in accordance with the law. Like bringing home the mystery of the savannah, the charm of the forest, the tranquility of a country farm

A huge assortment of beds for girls

Does your daughter love the enterprising and likeable Peppa Pig? Here is a cot dedicated to the famous pig, complete with a removable protective house! Or maybe you have a little girl who is passionate about dinosaurs? Don't worry, kasa-store even provides a hilarious themed bed in a nice bright green.

Princess beds able to satisfy all needs, a symbol of style and elegance. The sources of inspiration, from cartoons to nature, are carefully selected to make your little girls dream at night and during the day. The bedroom is a very important space during childhood, a refuge that holds secrets, hopes, adventures: we will help you furnish your little girl's room with taste and imagination.

You can furnish your little girl’s bedroom with nice and useful piece of furniture that comes from Disney world, princess carriages, cats, rabbits will stay by her side during her rest and will add a touch of style to her room. Now, your little girls can play pretending to be a real princess! Apart from the princess beds we have also Clover the rabbit and other characters. Your son can sleep on a canopy bed. A present that will be appreciated by little girls. The cartoons world arrive in your room to make your son happy, that can play with her friends pretending to be a real Disney princess.