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Modern beds and design to sleep in style

An intimate and personal environment, where you can spend the most important hours: those of rest. The bedroom is our refuge after a whole day out of the house. We are used since childhood to have our space where relaxation is the protagonist. Furnishing the bedroom is something extremely personal, characterized by details and details in line with one's personality. A place where design and style must not be missing. And where the bed is undoubtedly the key element.

On kasa-store you will find a wide selection of modern and designer beds, as well as classic and timeless lines. Latest generation materials or traditional materials such as solid wood. Whether it's queen size or single beds, it does not matter. On our site you will find both one and the other.

Modern beds to rest, relax and pamper yourself

When it comes to your bedroom, you do not think about satisfying just the sight, but also and above all the touch. A bed, in addition to being design, should be comfortable and comfortable. A nest where you can recharge your batteries, rediscover the energy spent during the day or simply let yourself go cuddling and lazing pleasantly. Couple or single life, lots of space or reduced environment, classic or contemporary style. Whatever your need, on our site you will find the ideal solution.

Modern double beds. Elegance and style for a sweet rest

The York double bed is a classic example of a modern and design bed. In addition to comfort and comfort, it offers practicality and functionality. The container structure allows you to get more space and leave everything perfectly in order. But the main aspect of this model is the headboard. Simple, linear, modern, but above all effective and functional. In fact, it is illuminated and offers the possibility to change the intensity and tone of the light through a special remote control. This model is available in two colors, black and white, and is made of imitation leather. Beautiful aesthetically, durable and easy to clean.

For those who want a more classic model, but still of high quality, practical and functional, Antea is the perfect solution. One of the modern beds with the most essential lines, with an elegant and precious shape. Wooden frame and leatherette headboard. For greater convenience and practicality, the bed is completely removable.

Kasa-store: style, quality and reliability for everyone

Our customers already know it. Our online store offers a wide selection of modern bed models, carefully and carefully selected by experts in the field. Our team consists of serious and motivated professionals in offering customers the best on the market. Each proposed model presents the perfect combination of aesthetics, style, design, practicality and functionality. Our products are strictly Made in Italy, precisely in order to guarantee quality and reliability. Every little detail is taken care of with scrupulous attention. We want those who turn to us to be proud and satisfied with the products purchased. Ready to show off its modern and stylish furniture to its guests, even in the bedroom