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Philips led lighting. Founded in 2009, QisDesign enters to be part of the BenQ group, a group with more than 21 billion dollars of annual turnover, and thanks to its strength given by the multiple affiliates it manages to give its best in various sectors. A new concept of producing Lighting Fixtures such as Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lights, Chandeliers and Table Lamps with very powerful Touch and Led lights. I am always looking for the best result by creating very functional and elegant items. Our goal is to satisfy customers' wishes and guarantee them a unique experience by creating an unreal atmosphere.

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Their products are truly the best of Design and New Generation in terms of technology and linear and very minimal structures

Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Suspensions and Wall Lamps are of a truly strong impact and cutting edge technology

In all its structures, very expensive and noble materials such as aluminum, steel and folding alloys are used to give them the desired shape or degrees of inclination. Their shape is very reminiscent of Nature because they are designed with respect for the environment with low consumption lighting criteria. Considering the fact that they are Philips partners, they certainly do not need many presentations as for established designers and its know-how. The mission is to increasingly avant-garde products with incredible lighting power. The BenQ group has allowed the companies of their group to achieve numerous international awards including the iF award, the Red Dot and the G-Mark award