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Graphic cuts contrasted with curved lines, warm materials combined with cold ones, dynamism and versatility distinguish the production, democratic design, a stylish look but open to all. A horizontally developed collection, designed to meet different needs in daily use. Materials and finishes raise the bar. A minimal design, but not too much, essential and without frills. MOGG has a very specific, fresh, curious soul and identity that wants to amaze and be amazed, looking for capable interlocutors with their visions (even crazy and dreamy ones), with their enthusiasm, work and intuition to appreciate the new and modern concept of living. Naturalness is the hallmark of MOGG in which, in truth, everything is studied in detail.

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MOGG was born from the will of its creator, the architect Nicola Galbiati. Strengthened by many years of experience in the world of furniture and design, the architect picks up from where he left off. Artistic director but also skilled in framing everything in a pragmatic entrepreneurial view, always with the commitment and the subtle transversal pleasure of looking ahead. Curious by nature, he is fascinated by understanding and anticipating. Research is the real engine of his work, then the ability and knowledge in the sector complete his skills. MOGG srl is a new company of complementary furniture, which opens its doors at the Milan Furniture Fair 2012. The result is a democratic product capable of meeting tastes, needs and budgets, where exclusivity does not lie in the cost but in the originality, refinement and awareness of a purchase of a unique product. Unique not because it is made in a limited series but because it is different from any other product already on the market.