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Furnishing accessories: the touch that embellishes

Style icons, bizarre and original pieces. Curious and extravagant gadgets. Fun reproductions and ingenious inventions. Often, to customize and make a room unique, one of the many furnishing accessories offered on kasa-store is sufficient. Some medium and large in size, others small and also perfect to be used as a corporate gift. All the products in this category are well suited to be used as simple and witty gift ideas. What unites all the furnishing accessories selected for you is their quality. Our team members work every day to select and verify only the best producers. First in Italy, then in the rest of Europe. The materials used are all certified and scrupulously controlled. All the individual details are treated with meticulous attention and professionalism.

Sarcasm, style and design in unique objects: furnishing accessories

In addition to being a distinctive sign, the furnishing accessories on kasa-store are nice and fun objects. We offer several objects. Many of which are well suited to be used as corporate gifts for friends and acquaintances on special occasions and special occasions. If you have a grumpy and grumpy friend, who certainly doesn't send them to say, you can for example choose a coat hanger. Hand closed and middle finger raised, ready to accommodate jackets and coats. It is a design and provocative piece of furniture. Made of resin, strictly by hand. Thanks to an internal steel reinforcement it can hold up to five kilograms. You can choose between three color finishes: white, red and black. If the middle finger is too explicit, you can opt for something more sober, but just as interesting. A closed hand hanger. Also produced in resin, highly resistant and with attention to detail. The realization of this piece is entrusted to Italian master craftsmen, to support the Made in Italy.

Lots of ideas to choose one of the best furnishing accessories

If you or your friends, relatives, family members are vain, a mirror is for you. Better if made up of many other mirrors, small, medium, large, assembled together. It is called Specchio 15 and it is a practical, modern and design solution to give a touch of style to the home. A perfect piece of furniture to fill a bare wall. In addition to its main function, it gives brightness to the environment. It is part of the Stones line and is just one of the furnishing accessories of this kind. For lovers of mysteries and thrillers, there is nothing better than a king. The shape recalls the classic hat with a white glove. A piece of furniture with attention to the smallest details, to seem real. Made of resin and handcrafted by Italian artisans. The clock mechanism is German UTS quartz, to ensure durability, precision and quality.

Undisputed quality, unique originality for all our furnishing accessories

The professionals who work in kasa-store are industry experts with years and years of experience. We only choose products of the highest quality, always favoring Made in Italy. Opting to the maximum for factories based strictly in Europe. We only want the best and top quality for all our products: from the smallest furnishing accessories to tables, sofas, chandeliers, chairs, benches. The entire catalog is carefully chosen and the production materials are always checked and certified in order to ensure quality and safety. suggests you a large variety of innovative, peculiar and unusual objects. Competitively-priced objects that satisfy every exigence, they can be promotional items, business gifts.Thanks to our gift ideas you can find a great solution for every circumstance! We have objects indicated for every circumstances: furniture items or useful gift ideas such as lamps, coat racks, umbrella stands or simple decorative objects.... A lot of cool, romantic, chic gift ideas made of precious material and well-refined. Every single object is special because of its high-quality. A new collection of wall clocks that are peculiar because of the clock shapes combined their high-quality material, these items have been decorated by expert artisans. Gift for every circumstance, special event party favors or simple objects to add color to your house. Our items are perfect for classic, modern and contemporary spaces.

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