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Industrial-vintage accessories for every need

The industrial and vintage styles are not just ways of furnishing a room: they are real philosophies of life, which make the recovery of the past one of their main pillars. An even more original result is obtained when vintage and industrial meet, defining a unique ensemble. The antique coatings, with an aged effect, fit harmoniously into any environment and are able to recreate an intimate and welcoming mood. This distinctly retro feature is joined by the industrial trend, in which exposed bricks, leather armchairs, wooden saloon stools are the masters. Setting up an industrial-vintage space means merging two trends, which take up tradition and reinterpret in a modern perspective. In fact, the manufacturing processes, the techniques with which the materials are treated, the exclusive design that makes these accessories inimitable are innovative.

Furnish your kitchen with an industrial-vintage sideboard

The sideboard is a fundamental element in all kitchens: it serves to store utensils and ingredients, and in general constitutes an added value for the appearance of the place. At Kasa-Store you have the opportunity to get a wide range of sideboards: from purely vintage ones, with two or three doors, to those in which the industrial taste prevails. The raw wood surfaces are decorated with colored panels and writings, to give a touch of liveliness to your kitchen area. Sometimes the product is enriched with glass details, as in the case of the Wayland sideboard with four doors. Overall, the rough but well-finished shapes, the natural shades, the details inspired by old factories and country contexts amaze.

Stools, tables and counters for your home bar corner

A bar corner is an excellent solution to spend relaxing moments with family or friends, perhaps at the end of a busy day. On Kasa-Store you will find everything you need to make it: chairs, stools, tables and, of course, counters. For all items you have a wide choice. The industrial-vintage style is perfect for a room of this type, because it helps to outline the classic rustic atmosphere that distinguishes saloons. Take a look at the available counters, different in design and structure: Recyclè, for example, is made of brick and recalls the old country furnishings, while Wols clearly winks at the vintage car sector.

How to enhance a living room with industrial-vintage bookcases and armchairs

Staying in the industrial-vintage category, we also point out the living room accessories: bookcases, armchairs and sofas, symbols of functionality and elegance. Without forgetting the vintage TV stands, which preserve the natural tones, veins and flames of the wood. Everything in such a piece of furniture suggests warmth, comfort and authenticity. A leather sofa and a squared table can be combined with such an element: Wheels is really special, which instead of legs has two wheels that rest on the ground through a wooden base. A bookcase should not be missing in a living room of this kind. Once again the dominant material is wood, associated with iron and metal that are typical of industrial furnishings.

An overview of the other products

An industrial-vintage environment is also made up of other details. For example, bedrooms can be embellished with benches like the Safari model: a upholstery that looks almost old in appearance, but actually exudes care from every single inch. In the living room, on the other hand, you could place a useful vintage bottle holder, which will make your guests take a dip in the past. Industrial-vintage means reuse of raw materials and spaces, peeling surfaces, love for antiques and vintage accessories. A style that allows you to literally breathe an air of other times!