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Bottle racks and wine cooler for wine and other types of spirits

Bottle holders what they are and what they are for

Wine bottle holders are decorative objects that are used to store your bottles of fine wine . There are many types and models on the market and kasa-store always offers you the best solutions, so we have decided to advise you on how to choose the products to keep your wine in the best conditions. Bottle holders are objects that every wine lover should have in his living room or in his restaurant . You can find them in many forms in our catalog and they all have different functions: to reproduce a small cellar or tasting corner at home to amaze your guests and organize happy hours right in your living room , always have a bottle of wine close at hand on special occasions romantic with your partner, use them to furnish your home or complete the atmosphere of your restaurant.

The bottle rack or a wine cooler?

It is good to consider the parameters to choose the wine bottle holder or the wine cooler . Both have a very different use, everything is based on the space available. If you have a large living room or a restaurant, you can buy a wine cellar, which has much more storage space available but is bulkier, while if you don't want to miss out on comforts, you can buy a small bottle holder for your living room. The environment is very important and can be enhanced by the bottle rack's construction materials such as solid wood for vintage lovers or metal for those who love a minimal style. Wood , steel , plastic , wall bottle holder or table bottle holder , the choice also depends on the type of use you want to make of this object.

The ideal inclination for storing wine

Very often we find ourselves in front of bottle holders that have the horizontal or oblique support of the wine bottles, but why do we have to tilt them in this way? For a correct conservation of a bottle of wine it is important to avoid that, over time, its organoleptic properties and the relative work of its production are lost. Wine bottle holders can be indispensable products to ensure that your wine bottles maintain their essential characteristics, without losing their properties. It is necessary to understand if the bottle to be kept has already been opened or closed, therefore if it is to be consumed in a short time or to be kept, to improve the flavor and structure of the wine. In the first case the need will tend more towards conservation, and for this reason there are also other objects for wine such as: wine-saving kits , vacuum stoppers and many other articles for its protection. In the second case, it will be necessary to consider the very positioning of the bottle, to favor a series of processes which do not deteriorate the liquid. If we really want to be precise, the ideal inclination for a bottle of wine is from 5° to a horizontal position. In this case, the liquid ensures that it adheres constantly to the cork stopper, in the case of cork closures, so as not to let it dry out. If the cork is not in contact with a liquid, it tends to shrink and therefore open cracks which favor the entry of air into the bottle. And therefore as we all know, if the air comes into contact with the wine it compromises its properties, activating an oxidation process, the bitter enemy of the authenticity of a wine. So, buying a wine rack can make it easier to store bottles at an angle. Another note for the best conservation of the wine is its positioning in an environment. Direct light and vibrations are other enemies of our bottles

Very useful and practical they are perfect for your space

Are you looking for a compromise between comfort and elegance? Kasa-store advises you and offers you the best bottle holders and wine cellars you can find on the market. We have various types such as: Plexiglass bottle holders , motorcycle-shaped bottle holders , Piaggio Vespa-shaped bottle holders , vintage bottle holders and many other more modern models such as chromed metal bottle holders . Personal taste and the furnishing of spaces such as kitchens, restaurants , hotels and other types of locations are fundamental for the decision to buy, a vertical bottle holder or a table bottle holder . In fact, it is often the bottle holder that represents the icing on the cake to improve the look of a room in your home or in your establishment to give your customers maximum comfort and elegance. The need is to decorate a kitchen peninsula with a fine wine, or to break up the monotony of a white wall by framing it with a wall-mounted wine bottle holder that can hold many bottles. The choice is wide and we always offer you the right solution

How to choose them

Space, ideal conservation and color of the wine are the variants to consider. Added to this is the large quantity of products on the market, such as, for example, the seau a glace ( ice bucket ) which has the specific function of cooling the wine . Kasa-store offers a vast collection of the latest trend products in the beverage sector and you can find products made of wood , stainless steel or plexiglass up to bamboo for a clear and light shabbi chic style, pine wood for a more rustic. The materials, clearly, pass from the effect that you want to achieve in the installation environment: wood, for example, will recall a more rustic and warm effect, and favors both the cellar experience and the perception of tertiary aromas, while steel will be suitable for a minimal , sober or sophisticated and very modern environment