Bioethanol Fireplaces

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Discover our proposals for bioethanol fireplaces. Kasa-Store offers you a wide range of classic, modern or designer fireplaces at very competitive prices. The bioethanol fireplace is an innovation and creates modernity to the place where it is placed. A bioethanol fireplace is practical to use and install and is also economical. Suitable for any type of place such as: home, villa, hotel, restaurant, office, bar and other environments that need elegance and style. Thanks to a bioethanol fireplace your environment will be warm and cozy as well, with a romantic atmosphere given by a bright flame that will be ideal for creating private situations such as dinners, refreshments, or anniversaries. Furthermore the bioethanol fireplace does not need building works to install it or maintenance, and its main feature is that it is not harmful to your health because it does not produce ash and does not release unpleasant odors. Each bioethanol fireplace in our catalog has many features such as being warm, bright and welcoming, characterized by an original and attractive design that can be placed in any environment both in style and modern. The fireplace has always been an element in the center of the house, where the common life of all of us takes place. Its function has not changed but today there is this alternative to the classic wood-burning fireplace. For lovers of modern and minimal style and for those who do not have the possibility of installing a chimney and for those who do not like all the dust that a classic fireplace produces such as: fine dust, soot or ash the right choice is the fireplace bioethanol, which burns with an ecological fuel produced from vegetable substances. So don't waste your time because today we offer them to you at an economical and very advantageous price to furnish and heat your spaces in a really pleasant and romantic atmosphere